Fall Guys Season 2 Drops Team Games In New Playlist

Fall Guys’ Season 2 brought a fantastic change to the game show battle royale. Players can now choose a playlist that removes all team games from the mini game rotation. Say goodbye to Egg Scramble and Team Tail Tag.

“And you say we never do anything for you,” said Fall Guys game designer Joe Walsh in a comment on the Fall Guys subreddit. The playlist is called ‘Gauntlet Showdown’ while the regular playlist is now called ‘Main Show.’ The new playlist is only available for a limited-time so the studio can track how many players choose each option.

“Right now we need to keep an eye on things like matchmaking times, player reception, etc. so we’re doing it as a bit of a time limited experiment to see what happens,” Walsh wrote. “Totally possible for it to become permanent down the line!”

This could lead to other types of playlists and limited-time modes getting added, similar to how playlists rotate regularly in Call of Duty: Warzone and Fortnite.

This new playlist comes in the wake of players’ feedback. Team games, especially ones with uneven teams or players who did not try, were seen as unfair in the Fall Guys community. Players had regularly asked for a way to remove them from the mini game rotation.

Fall Guys Season 2 went live earlier today, bringing a ton of new content to the game. Outside four new levels, Mediatonic has added more crowns, a costume randomizer, and much more to the game show battle royale.

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