Destiny 2: Where Is Xur This Week? Exotic Items / Location Guide (Sept. 18-22)

Destiny 2 continues to chug along with its extended season ahead of the release of Beyond Light, which means you have lots of opportunities to snag Exotics and other rewards before a lot of Destiny 2 content is vaulted with the new expansion. As always, that makes visiting Xur and buying new Exotics a good idea for bolstering your collection. Head to Io, to the Giant Scar area to find Xur this week. For his weapon, Xur is offering Riskrunner. Hunters can pick up the Young Ahamkara’s Spine gauntlets; for Titans, there’s the Wormgod Caress gauntlets; and for Warlocks, Xur has the Apotheosis Veil helmet.

Xur Location

Spawn in at the Giant’s Scar transmat zone and hop on your sparrow to head north. You want to head up toward the northwest corner of the area, to the cliff wall at its edge. There, look for a cave entrance behind some Taken. Inside, head to the right to find Xur standing in the shadows.

Xur Exotic Items

Xur’s weapon this week, Riskrunner, is a submachine gun you’ll want in your collection. It’s great for PvE situations when you’re dealing with a lot of enemies that fire Arc weapons at you, like the Fallen–taking Arc damage overcharges the gun, making it an absolute bullet hose. But if you’re not a fan of his other options, Xur also sells an Exotic engram that will decrypt into an Exotic you don’t already own. He also has the Five of Swords challenge card, which lets you enable modifiers for Nightfall Strikes.

  • Exotic Engram — 97 legendary shards
  • Riskrunner — 29 legendary shards
  • Young Ahamkara’s Spine — 23 legendary shards
  • Wormgod’s Caress — 23 legendary shards
  • Apotheosis Veil — 23 legendary shards
  • Five of Swords — free

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Riskrunner (Submachine Gun)

Riskrunner is an extremely useful Exotic weapon, great in a lot of PvE situations whenever Arc weapons are in play. When you take Arc damage from any source, Riskrunner gets supercharged, making the gun more powerful while generating a shield that makes you more resistant to additional Arc damage. At the same time, the bullets Riskrunner fires while charged have a chance to create lightning between enemies and to return ammo to your magazine, which means that you can pretty much fire endless lightning-infused bullets, provided enemies are still shooting at you. And the more kills you rack up, the longer Riskrunner’s overcharge lasts–so wade into a crowd of Fallen and take them all down.

Young Ahamkara’s Spine (Hunter)

If you’re a Hunter who likes setting traps for unsuspecting enemies, give Young Ahamkara’s Spine a go. The gauntlets amp up your Tripmine grenades–they last longer when you set them and their blast radius is larger. You also get grenade energy whenever you deal ability damage, so hurting enemies with grenades or landing melee damage charges your grenade faster so you can set more traps.


  • Mobility: 13
  • Resilience: 10
  • Recovery: 8
  • Discipline: 2
  • Intellect: 13
  • Strength: 14
  • Total: 60

Wormgod’s Caress (Titan)

Not long ago, a bug with Wormgod’s Caress could get you a huge damage buff that made killing raid bosses, such as Riven, a trivial thing. The gauntlets have been nerfed since then, but they’re still pretty damn useful in PvE situations. When you land a melee kill with the Exotic, you get an increase of melee damage–the more melee kills, the more pain you can inflict with your punches. With enough small enemies around, you can use Wormgod’s Caress to put some serious hurt on larger enemies.


  • Mobility: 6
  • Resilience: 8
  • Recovery: 17
  • Discipline: 9
  • Intellect: 10
  • Strength: 10
  • Total: 60

Apotheosis Veil (Warlock)

You’ll get a lot of use out of Apotheosis Veil in the Crucible, especially if you’re running a build that focuses on charging your Super as quickly as possible. Whenever you activate your Super while wearing the Exotic, you get energy back fro all your abilities, and you immediately start to regenerate health. You’ll charge your rift energy even faster if you have allies nearby–so Apotheosis is great if you’re running around with your team in Crucible matches or in PvE, firing off Supers as quickly as you can.


  • Mobility: 14
  • Resilience: 8
  • Recovery: 10
  • Discipline: 20
  • Intellect: 2
  • Strength: 9
  • Total: 63

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