Destiny 2: Bungie Is Raising Money To Help Fight The Australian Bushfires

Destiny 2 developers Bungie have announced the release of a new Destiny-themed shirt for next week, the profits from which will go towards fighting the fires across Australia, and saving the wildlife that has been affected by them.

The fires across Australia have so far claimed over 2000 homes, at least 25 human lives, and over a billion animals. The effects have been catastrophic, with major cities covered in smoke, entire rural areas gravely affected, and volunteer firefighters being drafted in from other countries. Over at CNET, there’s an extensive breakdown of what’s happening and how you can help. And now, Bungie is getting involved to raise money.

In the lastest This Week At Bungie post, Bungie Foundation manager Christine Edwards announced that a limited-edition t-shirt, which will come with a redemption code for an in-game “Star Light, Star Bright” emblem, will be available on the Bungie Store between January 16 and January 18, until the weekly reset. The t-shirt design has not been finalized yet.

Proceeds from the sales will be split between two charities–WIRES, which is dedicated to helping Australian wildlife, and the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, which has been engaged with fighting fires across the state for some time now.

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has also donated $1 million towards firefighting efforts, and many other organizations and individuals are getting involved.

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