Control: Ultimate Edition On Xbox Requires A One-Time Online Connection–Here's Why

Control: Ultimate Edition is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but Xbox players are finding that the game requires a one-time connection to the internet to activate. While it’s not unusual for a new game to require updates, patches, or downloads, Control: Ultimate Edition is a collection of already released material–and the PS4 version can be played offline.

505 Games has cleared this up on their support website, explaining that the Xbox One disc for Control: Ultimate Edition does not contain the full game, because it could not fit on a single disc.

“We have used Xbox intelligent delivery to provide some content on the disc and the rest via download,” the page explains. “On PlayStation 4, this isn’t the case as Control Ultimate Edition fits on a single disc, due to compression and other variables.”

Intelligent delivery is an Xbox system that allows players to only install the parts of a game that they want. You’re prompted to download the rest of Control after reaching the maintenance elevator near the game’s opening.

However, while the Xbox version will only need to go online once, TheGamer reports that this download also performs a one-time DRM check. This will not happen in the PS4 version.

The Ultimate Edition of Control is the only one that will give you access to a free next-gen upgrade. 505 Games has previously said that it was not possible to upgrade players who bought Control and the DLC separately–however, an incident where Xbox One players were briefly upgraded to the Ultimate Edition has given us reason to be skeptical.

Control: Ultimate Edition features both DLC packs for the game, The Foundation and AWE.

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