Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Supports More Than 100 Players

Multiplayer matches are going to be pretty variable in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. We’ve already seen the new Gunfight mode, which pits players against one another in tight quarters in quick two-on-two matches. And as part of its Modern Warfare multiplayer reveal, Infinity Ward also announced that the game will include huge matches full of tons of players, as well as super-small ones.

Among the new Modern Warfare multiplayer modes is Ground War, a team battle mode that sports some big player counts. As art director Joel Emslie told GameSpot during Infinity Ward’s multiplayer reveal event earlier this week, the game mode can support more than 100 players.

Infinity Ward invited journalists to get hands-on with Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, where we got a chance to try the Ground War mode. The scale was a bit smaller, though, topping out at 20 players on each team. The mode took advantage of Modern Warfare’s new approach to map design, which emphasizes freestanding buildings, climbing, and power positions over the more common three-lane format.

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    When we played Ground War, we found an intense, busy take on Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. The winning team was the one that was able to coordinate its troops, and most importantly, take and hold key areas around the map with well-placed soldiers in high places. With so many players, Killstreaks were going off almost constantly, with UAVs and attack helicopters dotting the sky, while ground vehicles such as tanks crushed infantry fighters into the ground. A lot was going on, but with 20 players, Ground War presented tough competition, but wasn’t necessarily overwhelming. With 100 players or more, though, one wonders just how big maps will need to be to accommodate all the chaos.

    While we didn’t see too much of Ground War–or its largest matches–it sounds like there will be more chances to get acquainted with the mode soon. Infinity Ward is offering a Modern Warfare open beta in September. The beta will cover multiple dates, with one beta exclusive to PS4 players and a second one testing crossplay between PS4, Xbox One, and PC players.

    Check out our impressions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, and read more about its open beta and how the game is changing radar and Killstreaks. You can also check out footage of the Modern Warfare’s new night vision goggles in action from our hands-on session.

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