Apex Legends Vaults Are Open; What's Inside And How To Unlock Them

One of the big features of Apex Legends Season 3 is the introduction of the new map World’s Edge, which includes three locked vaults containing purple and gold loot inside. At the start of the season, there wasn’t a way to open them since vault keys were not available–the vault doors also had a countdown timer that aligned to Wednesday, October 9 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM BST. However, vault keys were dropping earlier than that, and are attainable right now.

The first thing you’ll need to do is find a floating cargo bot, of which there are several roaming around the map; these can contain vault keys. In our experience, we got a vault key by shooting the bot down when it was flashing blue and among the loot was a vault key. We are not privy to the chances of getting one and if the tier-color affects this, but there were instances where gold cargo bots dropped and did not drop vault keys. If you get your hands on a key, the three vault locations then get marked on your map, all of which are within tunnels.

When you make it to one, it’ll take three seconds to get the door open and you’ll be rewarded with several purple-tier and gold-tier items. The gear you can pick up includes purple and gold backpacks, knockdown shields, body shields, helmets, and a few weapon attachments (we got a barrel stabilizer and shotgun bolt). There doesn’t appear to be weapons or ammo within these vaults, however. You can check out screenshots from our experience below:

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