Apex Legends' Most Overpowered Gun Has Been Nerfed

Apex Legends recently received a major update that increased the level cap and introduced numerous other changes to Respawn’s well-liked battle royale game. But amidst these big changes, one element remained the same – the dominance of the Peacekeeper shotgun, which remained overpowered after an earlier, light nerf. Thankfully, Respawn promised that the gun would be fixed, and after a very short wait a change has been implemented.

The Apex Legends Twitter account has explained that the latest server patch curbed the shotgun’s main problem–the pellet spread and damage numbers allowed players to score cheap kills with it. After these changes, that will be more difficult.

These changes mean that the gun won’t be quite so deadly now, even if you have the Precision Choke equipped. While the gun is still very powerful, players will now need to have better aim to do the most damage possible with it. The EVA-8 has also had its bolt hit size decreased to deal with similar issues.

These changes were promised in the 3.2 patch notes, and it’s great to see them implemented so quickly. Players who jump on before January 14, 2020 can also get themselves a free Star Wars skin for Pathfinder.

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