Apex Legends Dev Speaks Out After Season 4 Leaks — "Really Sucks"

Some elements of Apex Legends Season 4 leaked early, giving fans a glimpse at what was to come before developer Respawn was ready to talk about it. The free-to-play battle royale game’s executive producer, Drew McCoy, has now responded, saying on Twitter that it “really sucks” when people decide to leak announcements to gain “internet points.”

“Leaks are the absolute worst. I’ve never worked on a single project where it was purposeful or wanted,” he said. “We spend insane amounts of time and energy to create cool surprises. Really sucks when someone wants internet points bad enough to ruin that.”

Art director Joel Emslie concurred with McCoy, replying to his tweet with the Anchorman “Can I get an Amen?” gif.

Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation will add a brand-new sniper rifle to the game and bring back the fan-favorite Kings Canyon map. Assimilation also makes several changes to how Ranked Mode will work and adjusts the Assist system so that it’s easier to earn points by helping your teammates kill opponents.

We’ve compiled everything we know about Assimilation so far, though Respawn is likely to announce a few more details in the coming week. One big question is who the next playable character will be. Forge is dead, but is he really dead? Or will Revenant be the new hero?

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