What We Want From Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Since its bizarre reveal at E3 2018, we’ve heard very little about Respawn’s upcoming Jedi: Fallen Order – until earlier this week. We know we’ll be getting more details this weekend at Star Wars Celebration, but in the meantime, it’s got us here at IGN thinking about what we’d like to see out of the next game set in the Star Wars universe.

Empowering Gameplay

Respawn made Titanfall, which is a series about riding giant robotic goliaths into battle. Star Wars has its fair share of oversized, terrifying, or outright nonsensical walkers, beasts, and monsters. Give us a few levels where we get to ride the Rancor from Return of the Jedi, AT-ST chicken walkers from Empire Strikes Back, or Reeks, Nexus, and Acklays from that ridiculous monster-filled gladiator pit scene in Attack of the Clones.

Hopping on and off a bunch of these things or causing vehicular damage throughout key points in the story campaign would be incredibly fun, and help this new game stand out from EA’s other Star Wars series, Battlefront, which are fun but otherwise fairly tame shooters that don’t let you ride Reeks, Nexus, and Acklays.

Oh, and I want a Tauntaun I can name and keep as a pet and whistle for like my horse in Breath of the Wild.

While I obviously would want an amazing campaign experience in the Star Wars universe, like many others, I would love it if Respawn gave me another multiplayer experience that I just can’t put down. The movement, mechanics, and tactile feel of their most recent game, Apex Legends, has me hooked. Give me the best-feeling Luke Skywalker-style lightsaber-wielding gameplay of all time!

I’d really like to see Jedi falling regularly but, like, in a slapstick way, on banana peels.

As for my real answer, I’d like some RPG mechanics that would lean heavily on your growth as a powerful Jedi. They experimented with this in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but it never felt like you were growing organically as either a Jedi or Sith warrior. It would be amazing to see a system similar to the original Mass Effect where your choices impact the overall outcome of the story and your progression as a hero or an anti-hero if you decide to go toward the dark side!

I want AWESOME Jedi and Sith moves! We’ve had great games celebrating the Jedi/Sith mechanics but it would be so cool to feel the OP-ness that the Jedi have to offer. Let me progressively master my skills and learn new ones a la God of War. Let me invest experience in those moves and pummel, choke, force push, and mind trick all the Sith to my heart’s desire!

All I want with my whole heart is a spiritual successor to the Jedi Knight series. Nothing would make me happier than to flail around a combat arena with lightsabers and force powers with the backing of Respawn’s tight controls and gameplay. Also bring back Kyle Katarn, you cowards.

But What’s the Story?

Story, story, story! We haven’t had a truly great, narrative-focused single-player Star Wars game since… KOTOR 2, maybe? The Battlefront games have been good, but they haven’t been particularly memorable. With Respawn developing this and God of War 3’s Stig Asumussen directing the project, I am optimistic!

Look, the unfortunate reality is that the thing I want from Star Wars is less Jedis and more people from lesser means finding their place in this massive universe. Based on the name, we’re gonna get some magic sword users, so what I’d hope for is characters that contribute to this game in a meaningful way without having to use space sorcery to do so.

Jedi. Wall-to-wall Jedi. The game starts up: Jedi. Complete the tutorial: Jedi. Missions: Jedi. NPCs: Jedi. The only reason I would want to see a non-Jedi character in Jedi: Fallen Order is if they are being ridiculed for not being a Jedi, or maybe Jedi younglings if their involvement is focused exclusively on training to be Jedi.

This may never happen but I’d like to see some references to the expanded universe. Revan and Old Republic characters exist in the Galaxy of Heroes game already as Legends. So seeing some recognition to these characters would be awesome!

I want to see empathetic Imperial characters. Battlefront 2 played with this a bit, but I want someone who isn’t cartoonishly evil, who honestly believes that the order and security the Empire provides is better than anarchy. Of course the rebels would seem like terrorists to someone who grew up under the comfort of the Empire. I think shades of grey (maybe even some of the Grey Jedi?) are sorely needed in the Star Wars universe.

Show Us Something New…

Please PLEASE PLEASE let all of the characters in this game be original characters. It seems that there is never a piece of Star Wars media that doesn’t feature cameos from Chewbacca, Luke, R2-D2, C-3PO, etc. Enough with that! This is a huge galaxy with an expansive timeline. Let this game stand on its own without constant reminders of the movie universe. It’s time for the old stuff to start taking a backseat to new ideas, and I would love Respawn to be allowed to create their own story and settings in this massive universe.

It would be extremely fine if Fallen Order rarely took us to a planet we’ve seen before. Planets in Star Wars can sometimes feel like 90s video game levels. The desert planet. The snow planet. The forest planet. The big city planet. I love nostalgia as much as the next guy, but I think I’ve had my fill of running through Tatooine’s Mos Eisley or the Hoth base in a video game. I’d love to see truly alien locales with species we haven’t seen a lot of in the movies and other games. It’s a big galaxy – go wild!

… But Don’t Mess With the Canon

If this game is taking place between Episode III and Episode IV and we’re playing as a Jedi, there needs to be a really good reason why we haven’t heard about this character before. After Star Wars: Rebels and everything else, it’s getting kind of ridiculous how many full-fledged Force-wielders were supposedly walking around during a time when, according to the movies, Yoda and Obi-Wan were the only surviving Jedi.

The more Lucasfilm shoehorns in, the less authentic the Star Wars universe becomes. That said, the early teaser line of “Don’t stand out” gives me hope that Respawn is conscious of this — it would be interesting if you were discouraged from using your lightsaber or Force powers because if you’re spotted it’d bring down Vader and a squad of Imperial Jedi hunters down on your head.

I wanna shoot a womp rat!

Let Us Take Flight…

I really want to be able to walk up to a spaceship, hop in, and fly to different planets, or maybe just a large amount of space around planets. Then if you reach a certain distance from the planet, you auto-lightspeed to the nearest planet you were heading towards. Let me explore an asteroid belt, whizzing in and out of caves looking for space worms! It seems like J:FO will be more of an action game and less No Man’s Sky, so it probably isn’t the game for me, but dream, a man can… can’t he?

One of my earliest memories of Star Wars gaming is Xwing and Tie Fighter games. When Star Wars Galaxis was popular, one of the biggest complaints was the lack of space flight of any kind. Then came Jump to Lightspeed, but it was sorely missing any action that the earlier XWvTF games provided. In the next Star Wars game, I want epic space battles between fleets of starfighters and capital ships in the scope and size done before in the XWvTF games. We need good space combat sims again.

Rogue Squadron-style air and space combat. It has been too long since there’s been a good flight arcade-style game in the Star Wars universe. There was a bit of it in Battlefront, sure, but those were just a few ships. I want to see something on the same level of 24 players in a Battlefield Air Superiority game. Or, at the very least, a few single-player missions in an X-Wing/Tie Fighter with a ton of NPC ships flying around.

Anything Else?


Lots of them.

All I want to see in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order are Ewoks. They’re fantastic and no one can me otherwise! The odd Ewok series in the late ’80s weren’t exactly the Ewok stories I was looking for, and I think they deserve another chance in the spotlight. Just think of how great they’d be paired with a Porg. Plus, not only are Ewoks adorable, they’re also dangerous. Their expert level of deception should be a helpful supplemental skill alongisde whatever character we’re playing.

I want it to actually make it to launch.

What do you hope to see in Jedi: Fallen Order? Let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter.

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