Switch hacker makes beautiful custom themes, complete with animations

A hacker called JBGBeats, known within the homebrew scene as NSX, made a series of beautiful home screens for the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the Nintendo 3DS, the Switch has yet to receive customized home screens. As a result, hackers like NSX have filled the void. His themes are inspired from a variety of sources like TV shows and video games; some notable examples include Final Fantasy 7, Star Wars, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Stranger Things. A video from The Homebrew Crew showed off around a dozen custom home screens in action and the animations look great.


The demos look incredible. These aren’t just wallpapers, but redesigns of the entire home screen. Each digital skin features custom icons, icon animations, dedicated wallpapers for each option screen, and completely reorganized home pages. It is a lot more customization than choosing between a white or a black theme, to say the least.

Added elements like animating the video game title icons, make the home screen experience more dynamic and interesting to interact with. The animation for the Stranger Things home screen even references the show through the icon animation. When scrolling through games, the highlighted game icon starts to turn upside down, referencing the “upside down” world from the show.


This theme is inspired by the Resident Evil 4 and its inventory system.


If you’re interested in learning more about about JBGBeats, you can check out his Discord server now.

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