Resetti is (sorta) back in Animal Crossing, and players are pumped

It’s hard for me to explain why I like Resetti so much. He’s only ever yelled at me — all furrowed brows and gnashing teeth. And yet, when I heard that the Animal Crossing mole got fired from his job, I was sad. Not Resetti! He’s too important. He did end up being in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but he’s just a voice when players need to be rescued.

Resetti is not back in New Horizons, but now players can memorialize him in some way: by adding a statue of him to their yard. OK, so, it’s not even close to Resetti being back. (Where is the shouting?!) But it’s a crumb, and I’ll take it.

The Resetti figure is available through Nook Shopping, in the seasonal items menu. It’ll take a day for it to arrive back at your mailbox. (But why wait if you can time travel?) I’ve put him right off the main road near my house, next to my prized lawnmower. Others are celebrating in different ways, like remembering the past.

Others are taking more unconventional approaches. (My personal favorite? Mr. Resetti the news host.)

Nintendo, now do Froggy Chair.

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