New Doom Eternal Trailer Unveiled During Google Stadia Connect

With Gamescom 2019 underway, Google come with guns blazing during its Stadia Connect presentation. A new DOOM Eternal trailer was revealed during the livestream and hell has never look more inviting.

Though short, the trailer showcases Doom Eternal’s breadth as the player character traverses open expanses, tight corridors, and battle arenas. Hell seems even more populated than the last time around in 2016’s Doom.

Click To Unmute DOOM Eternal – Official Trailer | Stadia Connect

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    The official Doom account tweeted a video of the Doom Hunter, one of the game’s newer enemies. The Doom Hunters are sentry-looking, centaur-like creations solely intent on the slayer’s destruction. They are huge, towering machines with a kind of chainsaw for an arm and homing missiles for added aggression.

    Doom Eternal launches on November 22 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. No definitive release date was provided for Google Stadia, but the recent trailer confirms Doom Eternal is “coming soon.”

    Pre-orders for Doom Eternal are available now. We’ve compiled a handy guide to make the purchase decision a little easier, but there are three editions up for pre-order: the Standard ($60 USD), Deluxe ($90 USD), and Collector’s ($200 USD). Pre-ordering any version of Doom Eternal nets you the Rip and Tear Pack, which includes the Doot Revenant Skin, the Throwback Shotgun Weapon Skin, and a Bonus Campaign Master Level.

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