Get Nintendo Switch Online free for a year, with Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime’s latest giveaway is a rather significant one: up to a year of Nintendo Switch Online, regardless of whether you’re an existing subscriber (to Switch Online).

Twitch Prime members can claim three months of Switch Online beginning Thursday (here’s the page for that). Then, after 60 days, they can come back to receive another nine months. If you already have a Nintendo Switch Online service, the free months can be tacked on to your existing subscription.

Bottom line, Twitch Prime members have to claim the first three months by Sept. 24, and then the remaining nine by Jan. 22, 2020. By way of comparison, a year of Nintendo Switch Online costs $19.99 (three months is $7.99). The service, which launched in September 2018, connects players in multiplayer modes (though some, such as Fortnite, don’t require that), gives them cloud saves, and opens up a large library of classic Nintendo Entertainment System games.


Should you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online?

A news release from Twitch Prime (which is owned by Amazon, so Amazon Prime subscribers already have it) touted more than 70 free PC games given out in 2018, starting that March. The service also regularly doles out free in-game loot in big-time titles.

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