Doom Eternal’s Slayer Vs Demon Multiplayer "Battle Mode" Detailed

At the QuakeCon keynote, Bethesda and Id Software detailed its asymmetrical Battlemode multiplayer for Doom Eternal. In this mode, you can take on the role of the classic “Slayer” Doomguy, or one of five Demons with varied abilities and upgrades.

The 3-player mode pits one Slayer against two Demons. The Slayer is armed to the teeth with guns, mods, and equipment, but will have to take down demons to refresh resources like ammo and health. Demons have their own set of special talents, like the ability to see through walls and summon AI controlled demons and hazards. After defeating one player-controlled Demon, the Slayer has 20 seconds to find and eliminate the other one to win the match. Matches will be best of five; as the rounds go on players can upgrade abilities. Plus Demons can summon more powerful demons, and the Slayer can get a BFG.

So far the revealed Demons include a Revenant with jetpack and shoulder-mounted rocket, including a special rocket barrage; a Pain Elemental that can fly and track the Slayer, and has a rechargeable shield; and a Mancubus with heavy cannons and flame throwers for lots of lethality at the cost of mobility. The end of the presentation also mentioned the Archvile and Marauder. At launch it will include six maps, and more maps and Demons will be added post-launch.

This QuakeCon also marks the last for Tim Willits, studio director at Id Software. The show opened with a farewell to Willits. Appropriately enough, this QuakeCon has officially been dubbed “The Year of Doom,” both to mark the original game’s anniversary and the upcoming Doom Eternal release. For more on QuakeCon, Doom Eternal, and other games from Bethesda, check out all the panels happening at QuakeCon.

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