Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: The 10 Best Adamancipator Cards, Ranked

There are so many powerful Archetypes in Yu-Gi-Oh! and with the release of Master Duel, playing with multiple Archetypes is much easier than it is in the TCG. Since it uses a custom banlist, Archetypes that lost power due to bans become more playable, and Adamancipator is one of these.

Adamancipators are a very powerful combo deck, taking advantage of Rock Monsters to special summon out a ton of Extra Deck Monsters to set up negates. Many of their effects offer a nice bit of consistency, to the degree that other combo decks can only dream of thanks to how much generic Rock support there is.

10 Adamancipator Crystal – Leonite

Though the weakest of the Main Deck crystals, Adamancipator Crystal – Leonite is still a card worth running. Like all other crystals, it has an effect that will go off if it is ever special summoned by an Adamancipator effect.

Adamancipator Crystal – Leonite allows you to place an Adamancipator card from your Graveyard or hand to the top of your deck, enabling them to be special summoned off of the other Adamancipator cards. If a Synchro Fire Monster is one the field while it's in the Graveyard, you can send that card back to the Extra Deck to put Adamancipator Crystal – Leonite back on top of the deck.

9 Adamancipator Risen – Leonite

Like its crystal counterpart, Adamancipator Risen – Leonite is the weakest among the Synchro Adamancipator lineup, but still a powerhouse of a card. It's a Level Six Synchro Monster that uses generic materials, allowing any Tuners and Monsters to be used for its summon.

Once per turn, you can excavate the top five cards of your deck and add any Adamancipator card you find to your hand. During your opponent's turn, Adamancipator Risen – Leonite can even special summon any Rock Monster in your Graveyard for free, so long as you have a Fire Monster in your Graveyard.

8 Adamancipator Crystal – Raptite

Adamancipator Crystal – Raptite is another Main Deck Monster with an effect that triggers when it's special summoned by an Adamancipator card. When this happens, Adamancipator Crystal – Raptite allows you to put any Rock Monster from your Graveyard or hand on top of your deck. This helps you to place powerful Rock Monsters you used for Extra Deck plays back on top of the deck to special summon with other Adamancipator cards.

Similar to the other crystals, Adamancipator Crystal – Raptite can put itself back on top of the deck by sending a Wind Synchro Monster back to the Extra Deck from the field.

7 Adamancipator Signs

Adamancipator is an in-Archetype Monster Reborn that can be used for generic Rock Monsters. It special summons any Rock Monster in Defense Position from the Graveyard, but will get a bonus effect if it is an Adamancipator card summoned.

If an Adamancipator Monster is special summoned, you can take any Level Four or lower Rock Monster from your deck and place it on top of your deck. This allows you to set up for the excavation effect of an Adamancipator Monster after bringing it back out from the Graveyard to flood the field.

6 Adamancipator Crystal – Dragite

The strongest of the Adamanciaptor Crystal lineup, Adamancipator Crystal – Dragite has the simplest effect among them all but a very powerful one. When it's special summoned by an Adamancipator card, Adamancipator Crystal – Dragite will let you draw one card.

While this effect seems minimal, card advantage is extremely important, so much so that Upstart Goblin, a card that lets you draw one card had to be limited in the TCG. Adamancipator Crystal – Dragite is so good because it draws you a card while getting a Level Four Monster on the field, the best Level for the Extra Deck plays Adamancipator can do.

5 Adamancipator Risen – Raptite

Adamancipator Risen – Raptite is among the stars of the Adamancipator Extra Deck lineup. It helps advance your board state while making it easy to Synchro Summon into one of the main Boss Monsters of the Archetype thanks to its status as a Level Six Monster.

During your Main Phase, you can excavate the top five cards of your deck and special summon any Rock Monster there to your field. During the opponent's turn, if a Wind Monster is in your Graveyard you can banish a card from their Graveyard, giving you an interruption should Adamancipator Risen – Raptite stay on the field.

4 Adamancipator Analyzer

Admanacipator Analyzer is one of the main reasons the deck works. It can easily be special summoned from your hand if you're going second, as all it needs is for only your opponent to control a Monster. If you're going first, Adamancipator Analyzer is a perfectly solid Normal Summon if you can't special summon itself with its own effect.

Once it's on the field, you can excavate the top five cards of your deck and special summon any Rock Monster you find there. It is a Tuner as well, allowing you to immediately Synchro Summon with the Monster you just summoned with Adamancipator Analyzer's effect.

3 Adamancipator Seeker

Adamancipator Seeker is another easy to special summon Monster and one that doesn't require the opponent to make any action. So long as you control another Adamancipator Monster, you can special summon Adamancipator Seeker. This allows you to easily chain together summons of Adamancipator cards.

Once it hits the field, Adamancipator Seeker can excavate the top five cards of your deck to special summon any Rock Monster among those cards. It is a Level Two Tuner as well, allowing you to Synchro climb easier with other Rock Monsters on the field.

2 Adamancipator Researcher

The easiest Adamancipator to summon, Adamancipator Researcher is one of the major reasons the deck functions. Odds are you'll rarely be Normal Summoning it unless you brick, as you can special summoned Adamancipator Researcher so long as you control any Rock Monster.

Once it hits the field, like the other humans in the Adamancipator Archetype, you can special summon a Rock Monster out of the top five cards of your deck by excavating them. It is a Level Two Tuner as well, making it the perfect Level to start going off with your Synchro plays.

1 Adamancipator Risen – Dragite

The main Boss Monster of the Adamancipator Archetype, Adamancipator Risen – Dragite does a whole lot for a generic Level Eight Synchro Monster. During your turn, you can excavate the top five cards of your deck, and then you can return cards the opponent controls equal to the number of Rock Monsters you revealed that way. This effect doesn't target or destroy, allowing it to get around most forms of protection.

During the opponent's turn, so long as you have a Water Monster in your Graveyard, you can negate and destroy any Spell or Trap card or effect that is activated. Adamancipator Risen – Dragite both clears the field and acts as a negate, making it a formidable Synchro Monster.

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