You’ve been calling the PlayStation’s X button the wrong thing for decades

In a revelation that is already sending shockwaves across the Internet, Sony insists the DualShock’s ‘X’ button is called ‘Cross’.

It’s been around for 25 years now but what would you call the X button on the PlayStation DualShock controller? The bottom one that looks like a saltire?

According to Sony’s own Internet poll 81% of you call it ‘X’, pronounced ‘ecks’. But apparently that’s wrong.

Sony insist that it’s actually the ‘Cross’ button, despite nobody of sound mind and body having ever called it that ever (well, okay, 8% of people apparently do).

‘If Cross is called X (it’s not), then what are you calling Circle?’, asked PlayStation UK, presumably implying that some people are calling it ‘O’, as in the letter. Which clearly nobody ever does.

Although to be fair to them all three other buttons are definitely geometrical shapes, so in that sense maybe Cross does make more sense…

Except, in a stunning final twist it turns out that if you open up older DualShock controllers then the button is actually labelled as ‘Fork’, which doesn’t make any sense to either side of the argument.

Sony has been using the basic DualShock design for over two decades now but when the PlayStation 5 is revealed next year perhaps we’ll finally see a redesign. Although whatever it looks like it’ll almost certainly still have an ‘X’ button, whatever you call it.

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