You Can Use Mods To Play Skyrim At 60fps On Xbox (And It’s On Game Pass Now)

Are people still playing Skyrim? Apparently. It’s just going to be one of those games that a certain segment of the gaming community is always going to consider “home.” Playing Skyrim on the Xbox Series X is sort of like breaking it in, setting up all your old furniture, hanging your family pictures, and putting away the family silverware in the attic to never see again.

Thanks to the Xbox Series X’s awesome power, however, you can play Skyrim in a way that’s been previously reserved only for PC players. That is, 4K, 60fps, and all thanks to one mod.

We’ve got Ghostcrew over on ResetEra to thank for this hot tip and also for reminding us that Skyrim Special Edition is available today for Xbox Game Pass subscribers on console. To get Skyrim to play at an uncapped 4K/60fps, you’ll need the “Uncap FPS” mod available from Bethesda.

The mod doesn’t really do much other than remove the 30fps cap that Skyrim normally has. It was originally designed for the Xbox One X/PS4 Pro to take advantage of their beefier hardware specs, but it’s truly come into its own thanks to the Xbox Series X. Install the mod, activate it, and then restart the game to enjoy an uncapped framerate.

And the best part is you won’t have to lose access to acquiring achievements (if you haven’t already unlocked all the achievements, that is). Sine the Uncap FPS mod activates upon game activation and not when you click the checkbox in the mod menu, you can start the game with Uncap FPS on, unselect it from the mod menu to make the game think that it’s off, and then keep playing as you normally would safe in the knowledge that whatever achievements you unlock will actually pop up.

So go out there, create your wizard Khajit for the umpteenth time, and experience the beauty of Skyrim in all its graphical splendor, but this time at an uncapped 60fps.

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