Xbox still hasn't announced Halo Infinite release date despite Gamescom event

The Xbox Gamescom 2021 conference was over an hour and a half long and yet somehow it didn’t manage to mention Halo at all.

With Sony not taking part, Microsoft has this year’s Gamescom event all to themselves. With a 90 minute livestream on Tuesday evening many expected to finally get a Halo Infinite release date, but they were out of luck.

The game wasn’t even mentioned, even though the last excuse Microsoft gave for not giving a date was that they were waiting for other games to reveal theirs first. This was implied to be a reference to Call Of Duty, but Activision announced Vanguard last week, so now the worry is that Microsoft isn’t sure it’s even coming out this year.

Only last week it was announced that Halo Infinite won’t launch with campaign co-op or Forge mode, suggesting things are going down to the wire, but it may be that the situation is even worse than thought.

Unless this is an example of Microsoft just being weird for no reason (every company gets like that sometimes) the only chance of an imminent announcement is tomorrow during the main Gamescom Opening Night Live show from Geoff Keighley.

Why they’d wait till then to make the announcement, instead of doing it during their own show, is anyone’s guess, but it is possible.

In terms of other announcements, eight minutes of gameplay footage for Forza Horizon 5 was shown, which looked pretty incredible.

An official Forza controller was also revealed, but weirdly it was an ordinary gamepad and not a driving wheel.

There were also announcements for new features, including competitive multiplayer, in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the fact that cloud gaming is coming to Xbox One this year.

To be fair to Microsoft, they did say there wouldn’t be any big new game announcements, so those hoping for Fable were always going to be disappointed.

There was confirmation that grand strategy game Crusaders Kings 3 is coming to Xbox Series X/S (and PlayStation 5) though, even if it’ll be an ‘adaption’ rather than a direct port.

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