Xbox Series X fridge is now real and Snoop Dogg has one

Microsoft has further embraced the meme and will be giving away one of these Xbox Series X fridges away in a sweepstakes competition.

Back when the Xbox Series X was first revealed, many humorously compared its design to a fridge.

Microsoft would later acknowledge and have fun with the meme, but now it has made it a reality by actually making an Xbox Series X fridge.

Currently, only three fridges exist, with one being given to YouTuber iJustine and another to rapper Snoop Dogg, both of whom revealed the fridge’s existence via social media.

Aside from functioning as an actual fridge, the Xbox logo lights up on the front, the inside lights up green, and opening the door plays the console’s boot-up music.

But what about the third fridge? According to iJustine, Microsoft will be holding a sweepstakes on Twitter at some point to give the fridge away to a member of the general public.

You can only imagine how much that’s going to go for on eBay…

The Xbox Series X/S is scheduled to release on November 10.

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