Xbox Owners Having Problems With Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Open Beta

Xbox One owners can finally get in on the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Open Beta. At least that was the plan, but several users have reported problems staring or even finding the application.

An article from GameRant collects Twitter chatter that reveals different types of problems with the Xbox version of the Black Ops Cold War beta. First up is even finding it in the first place, as several have scoured the Xbox Store only to find nothing. Enough people described this scenario that Charlie Intel, a noted Call of Duty reporter, tweeted a solution. They recommend that Xbox users find the app on the Web Store then restart their console to make it appear in “Games and Apps.”

Another solution is to use the Xbox App to find the beta. Either way, it is there, it just takes some digging.

Another less common incident seems to happen when a player starts the beta. They find themselves blocked from actually getting to the menu. One Twitter user said that they get a message telling them they need to own the game to play, even though the open beta is free for everyone.

Hopefully Treyarch and/or Microsoft can get to the root of the problem soon. A new Call of Duty game is a guaranteed hit, and Xbox can’t afford to have its players wary of buying it for their console. Even if Phil Spencer says its Bethesda acquisition is profitable enough on its own.

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