Xbox One news: NEW Xbox Live Free Game update and surprise Sony PlayStation reveal

Xbox One gamers can download two brand new free games at no extra charge today, although an Xbox Live Gold account may also be required.

Fans looking for a new challenge on Xbox consoles have the choice of Minion Masters and Dauntless this weekend.

Minion Masters is an Xbox One X enhanced, Tower Attack Card Game from ‪BetaDwarf‬ that launched just a few days ago.

And even though it only just made its debut on the Microsoft Store, there are already over 100 reviews for Minion Masters to help you make your mind up about downloading it.

As mentioned above, MM is one of the latest free-to-play titles launched on the Xbox Game Store, offering a fast-paced strategy-brawler for ages 13+ and up.

Fans can enjoy 1vs1 & 2vs2 battles with other players if they do decide to download the new title, which takes up around 5GB to download.

The official game description reads: “In Minion Masters, there are many different Masters with unique hero abilities and you collect awesome minions ranging from Fierce demons, cute creatures, devastating spells and much more.


“Utilize your minions to destroy the enemy Master! When a minion has been summoned, they can no longer be controlled, so place them wisely to win!

For those wanting to know more about the basic gameplay, Minion Masters sees each player start with a pool of mana and a deck of 10 cards (minions/spells/buildings).

A card can cost between 0-10 mana, your mana regenerates over time during the match and there are 2 bridges in the middle that you need to capture and hold.

The bridges also generate experience so your hero can level up his abilities to help destroy the enemy’s tower. If Tower Defense Card games aren’t your thing then you still have a few new free game options this weekend.

Overwatch is hosting a free trial period as part of its third Anniversary celebrations, including on Xbox One. This means you can download and play as your favourite hero, while also unlocking the latest skins and cosmetics.

This trial period only lasts until May 28, meaning you still have a few days to fully enjoy it. And if you do decide to continue playing Overwatch by purchasing it, you will have the added bonus of keeping all the progress you made during it.

Other free titles available to download today include Dauntless, World of Warships: Legends, Apex Legends and Fortnite.

All of these free games and trials can be downloaded today and follow surprise news regarding the recently announced partnership between Microsoft and PlayStation.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that both companies would work together in connection with Cloud Gaming.

“Under the memorandum of understanding signed by the parties, the two companies will explore joint development of future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure to support their respective game and content-streaming services,” Microsoft said in a new press release.

“In addition, the two companies will explore the use of current Microsoft Azure datacenter-based solutions for Sony’s game and content-streaming services.”

However, since this news was shared, further updates have surfaced on the subject.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan clarified the recent announcement, revealing that “as of now there is no partnership between Sony and Microsoft.”

What this means is that the two companies have taken the first steps in exploring a team up but have yet to settle on anything.

However, just the idea of PlayStation and Microsoft exploring potential partnerships is something that could prove massive for next-gen consoles.

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