Xbox Games Pass new releases for July 2019: Monthly Microsoft additions are AMAZING

Microsoft has announced new additions to Xbox Games Pass in July 2019.

New Xbox Games Pass releases will be available on PC and Xbox One over the course of the month.

It all begins with a triple header of Middle-earth Shadow of War, My Time at Portia and Undertale on July 4.

Shadow of War and My Time at Portia will be available for Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Undertale, on the other hand, is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

This will be followed by a further four games on July 11, including one of this year’s most exciting new releases.

Paying homage to classic scrolling shooters like Contra, Blazing Chrome will be available for Games Pass subscribers on PC and Xbox One, as well as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

“The world is under the machines domination, militant AI-fueled computers rule the Earth while humans are expendable, lacking power, prestige or status among their machine overlords,” reads a Blazing Chrome description.

“Choose to play as Mavra, a super badass human resistance soldier, or Doyle, the equally groovy and deadly insurgent robot.

“When a small group of rebels decide to overthrow their oppressors, it results in heavy casualties and a ton of lock-and-load fast-paced action where scraping robots and blazing chrome with your powerful weapons is the only thing standing between you and your freedom.”

Blazing Chrome will be joined by Lego City Undercover, Dead Rising 4 and Unavowed – although the latter is only available on PC Games Pass and Ultimate.

Timespinner is also coming to Xbox Games Pass for PC, although it’s currently without a release date.

But perhaps most exciting of all is that Xbox Games Pass owners will be able to take part in the Gears 5 Tech Test in July.

Taking place from July 17, the Gears 5 Tech Test lets players check out Versus mode, Escalation and Arcade.

Arcade is supposedly built for “over-the-top fun”, while Escalation is an evolved version of the series’ eSports mode.

Gaming fans can join Xbox Games Pass for as little as £7.99 a month.

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