Wytchwood: 7 Best Beginner Tips

Wytchwood is a colorful adventure game where crafting spells and reagents is the name of the game. You play as an old witch who finds herself suddenly awoken by a dastardly black goat. Upon learning about a pact you made with this goat prior to your long slumber, you now need to acquire twelve souls to bring to the goat in order to save a dormant maiden.

Wytchwood is a truly remarkable experience and feels quite unlike any other indie game. This mostly comes down to the fact that you spend a lot of time crafting witchy stuff in order to solve multi-layered and nuanced quests. Wytchwood often comes off as a puzzle adventure since you need to think about how to combine items in order to progress. The following tips should help you when getting started in this game.

7 Focus On One Quest At A Time

Wytchwood features a plethora of lengthy quests. These quests revolve around helping the citizens in and around the surrounding fantasy-inspired zones. These quests ultimately lead you to find one of the twelve souls you need to repay the goat who resides back at your home swamp area.

Quests in Wytchwood are multi-layered and can take a good deal of time and patience in order to complete. Most of this comes down to the fact that you are constantly needing to traverse multiple zones, craft various spells and reagents, and combine steps in order to solve just one part of a quest. The best advice is to take your time in order to enjoy each quest.

6 Always Collect Materials

Every single spell or reagent in Wytchwood requires a diverse set of materials and this game offers a seemingly neverending amount of materials that can be added to your inventory. Due to quests requiring you to craft spells and reagents at all times, you are going to want to stock up on any material you pass by.

Filling up your inventory will take a long, long time so don't fret about picking up that fifteenth mushroom or twentieth healing leaf. What makes collecting materials easy in Wytchwood is that they respawn quite frequently, typically once you leave an area and return to it later, even in the same play session.

5 Highlight An Item To See Where To Find It

While browsing through the various steps of a spell or the required materials needed for a reagent in order to complete a quest, you might be wondering you how even find all of these items. Fortunately, the game aids you in that you can find out which region that specific item lies, simply by highlighting it in the menu.

Yes, every single material or item can be highlighted to find out where it's at, whether that be the swamp, forest, fields, graveyard, and the like. Since many crafted items require many steps and materials, you are going to want to get familiar with where to find them.

4 Spells Versus Reagents

Okay, so what exactly are the differences between crafting a spell versus crafting a reagent? To put it simply, spells only require one or two ingredients whereas reagents typically require multiple steps and properties to craft. However, you need both in order to progress in the game.

You acquire new spells and reagents in your expansive grimoire by learning about them from the game world, organically. Each time you learn about a new one, it automatically gets added to your grimoire at which point you can easily start crafting it.

3 Don't Forget Your Witch Eye Sense

One of the witch powers you learn about very early in the game is your witch eye sense. This otherworldly sense allows you to freeze time, highlight an item in the order, learn about it, and then have that information added to your grimoire, at least in the case of spells and reagents.

Your witch eye sense is best used whenever you enter a new area and don't know exactly what materials, plants, or critters are hanging around. Plus, if you ever find yourself stuck during a quest, you might need to be using your witch eye sense on a specific creature or material to gain a spell or reagent to craft.

2 Your Handy Map Screen

Wytchwood features a super handy map screen that can be brought up anytime at the press of a button. While you aren't given a mini-map, the general map screen is more than serviceable when it comes to finding your next quest location or where a zone exit is.

It's good to keep in mind that your map is blacked out until you actually tread over a new area of land. You can zoom in and out on the map screen to find quest icons, signposts, and general spots of interest.

1 Have Backup Mending Poultices

Wytchwood doesn't feature any traditional combat as you might see in other adventure-type titles, however, that doesn't mean you can't take damage. The world of Wytchwood is teeming with all sorts of wild critters, creepy crawlies, and monsters that seek to cause you harm.

You do have three hearts of health indicated in the lower right corner of the screen. If you find yourself taking damage, simply whip up a mending poultice and boost your health back up to full strength. Plus, the witch is able to craft traps, hexes, and curses, so you aren't left completely in the lurch.

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