WrestleQuest Is A Turned-Based RPG Featuring WWE Legends

From the creators of Bite the Bullet and Coffee Crisis comes the turn-based wrestling RPG that you never knew was even possible until now. Mega Cat Studios and Skybound Games present WrestleQuest.

And I know what you're thinking: this is a pixilated wrestling game featuring WWE legends? Well, yes, but also possibly no? That's undeniably Macho Man Randy Savage and you'll find in the trailer the likes of Andrew the Giant, Jake the Snake Roberts, and Hulk Hogan, and the game's official site even mentions Bret Hart and also features art of a character that looks quite reminiscent of The Warrior. All classic wrestlers from the golden age of wrestling.

However, despite the fact the likeness and names of these characters are certainly present, there's no mention of the WWE in any of WrestleQuest's legaleze. That has me somewhat concerned that the WWE might unleash its lawyers to protect its intellectual property, but let's hope that this is all above board because WrestleQuest looks like a fun little RPG.

You start your game as an amateur wrestler that has to work its way up from small venues all the way to the big leagues. Combat is all turn-based with pinning your opponent as its own timing-based minigame. It looks like WrestleQuest is full of timed button presses, presumably to provide a little extra oomph to whatever wrestling move you unleash in the ring. Those moves can include classics like pile drivers and suplexes, but also some weird gimmicks like a tag-team attack where you bat a giant burrito at your opponents.

WrestleQuest's site says you'll "explore worlds" based on the "lofty careers" of these WWE wrestlers, and even the main character of Randy "Muchacho Man" Santos seems like a clear take on the legendary Macho Man.

WrestleQuest is coming soon for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Sign on to the official website for more information, and we'll keep an eye on the WWE to see if it has any reaction to WrestleQuest’s announcement.

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