World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Shikaar Hunting Tactics Guide

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight may not have flooded the game with heaps of new systems for you to figure out, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a plethora of new content to be had anyway. With four new primary factions, each has its own Renown track to progress. The further along each one you get, the more content you unlock.

Among the four new factions is the Maruuk Centaur, and they have some nice things going for them – namely their Shikaar Hunting Tactics. While this content isn’t game-defining, it's a nice thing to progress alongside your Renown with the Maruuk Centaur, so let’s get right into how to unlock it and what it does.

Unlocking Shikaar Hunting Tactics

Since Shikaar Hunting Tactics is a system tied to the Grand Hunt – the community event for the Maruuk Centaur – you first need to have unlocked it. In order to do this you simply need to reach Renown five with them.

From there, you need to reach Renown nine to unlock the Shikaar Hunting Tactics itself. Once you’re there, you can make your way over to Trainer Frodrum in Maruukai to officially learn it.

Progressing Shikaar Hunting Tactics

Your first level of the Shikaar Hunting Tactics allows you to choose between two different pets to assist you on your Grand Hunts a Bakar or an Ohuna – and this is unlocked at Renown nine.

On the Renown track, this is the Call of the Hunt II reward, with the Call of the Hunt I reward being the initial unlock of the Grand Hunt event at Renown five. Once you unlock your hunting companion, there are six more possible levels of improvement upon your Shikaar Hunting Tactics, culminating with Call of the Hunt VIII. Here are all the Renown levels required for each unlock and what they do:

Renown Level

Reward Name

Reward Explanation


Call of the Hunt I

Unlocks the Grand Hunt.


Call of the Hunt II

Choose between Bakar or Ohuna companion.


Call of the Hunt III

Choose one of three Blessings of Ohuna to empower you.


Call of the Hunt IV

Further empower your companion with another ability.


Call of the Hunt V

Makes you stronger while participating in Centaur Grand Hunts.


Call of the Hunt VI

Makes you even stronger while participating in Centaur Grand Hunts.


Call of the Hunt VII

Makes you even stronger while participating in Centaur Grand Hunts.


Call of the Hunt VIII

Unlocks the Shikaar Hunting Horn, an item that allows you to utilize all your Shikaar Hunting knowledge anywhere in the Dragon Isles for 15 minutes.

When it comes to choosing between your Bakar or Ohuna companion, as well as which extra ability you want them to have and which blessing of Ohuna you want for yourself, none of these choices are set in stone. You may freely swap between any and all of them at your leisure (and at no cost to you), just head over to Trainer Frodrum to do so.

That said, Trainer Frodrum will be at every single Grand Hunt location, so if you’re in the middle of one and want to swap your abilities around, there’s no need to travel all the way back to Maruukai to visit him. Simply find him at the Grant Hunt you’re at and change them there.

Your Bakar or Ohuna companion will only assist you during the Grand Hunt, so don’t expect to see them helping you out all the time (unless you have your Shikaar Hunting Horn active).

Shikaar Hunting Tactics Abilities

Below is a list of all the abilities you can learn from Trainer Frodrum and what they do. Remember that you only need to be Renown 12 (Call of the Hunt IV) to have access to all of them:

Ability Row

Name of Ability

Ability Type

Ability effect(s)

Row One

Bakar Hunting Companion


Attempts to execute enemies below 20 percent health, dealing damage to them and healing you.

Ohuna Hunting Companion


Increases your movement speed by ten percent, increased to 60 percent after killing an enemy.

Row Two

Blessing: Warding Winds


Grants a shield to up to five allies for 10 seconds (90-second cooldown).

Blessing: Purifying Breeze


Cleanses a detrimental effect on you and up to five allies every 30 seconds.

Blessing: Quickening Gale


Increases movement speed to 60 percent for up to five allies (90-second cooldown).

Row Three

Harrowing Howl

Bakar-specific Passive

Increases your damage done by 60 percent for 12 seconds every minute.

Fatal Bite

Bakar-specific Active

Deals 100 percent of the damage you deal for six seconds (60-second cooldown).

Row Four

Razor Winds

Ohuna-specific Passive

Hurls razor winds at your target and increases the damage of your next attack, occurring every 30 seconds.

Avian Alacrity

Ohuna-specific Active

Increases your haste for 15 seconds, refreshing on kills (60-second cooldown).

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