Windranger Arcana Officially Available In Dota 2

The Windranger has long been one of the more versatile characters in Dota 2. Now, thanks to a new Arcana Bundle made available through the current Battle Pass—The International 10 Battle Pass—players who enjoy gaming as Lyralei the Windranger can access a whole slew of brand new features.

The Arcana Bundle, called “Compass of the Rising Gale,” expounds on Lyralei’s backstory as an orphan, connected to the element of the wind. Featuring a whole new character model, items, and a new loadout pedestal, “Compass of the Rising Gale” also comes with a bunch of new sound effects, a brand new animation-set and more.

A tweet from the official Dota 2 Twitter account marked the official September 4th release of the bundle as well as providing some information on what players can expect from “Compass of the Rising Gale.”

The bundle itself will be awarded to players who are able to level up their International Battle Pass 10 level 575. Considering the fact that Arcana items are some of the rarest available in Dota 2, the bundle is sure to be well worth 575 levels of work.

As a bundle, “Compass of the Rising Gale” is made up of a number of unique pieces that greatly enhance the Windranger’s abilities. The titular Compass for instance, is a wearable item that goes in the character’s “Head” slot. When a Windranger inflicts 2,500,000 points of damage with the character’s “Focus Fire” ability—while the Compass is equipped—a Fall foliage-inspired color palette will be unlocked called “Reflections of the Gale.”

Items that make up the set alongside the Compass itself include: the Cape of the Rising Gale, the Quiver of the Rising Gale, the Armor of the Rising Gale, and the Longbow of the Rising Gale.

“The Compass of the Rising Gale” is only the latest in a long line of Arcana Bundles released for Dota 2. June’s “The Eminence of Ristul” bundle and May’s “The One True King” Bundle are two examples of Arcana Bundles which have been released since the International 10 Battle Pass was released, also in May of this year. “The Eminence of Ristul” and “The One True King” each featured character boosts for the Queen of Pain and Wraith King figures, respectively.

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