Win A Free PS5 During The Red Bull Capture Point Contest

Getting your hands on a PS5 is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. No matter how often you click that refresh button, most retailers sell out within minutes of a restock. However, PlayStation and Red Bull are giving fans another way to pick up the elusive console – all you have to do is take a few in-game photos.

The Red Bull Capture Point competition kicks off today and will run until May 2. To enter the contest, simply take an in-game photo while playing Demon’s Souls, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, or Last of Us Part 2 and upload it to Twitter using the #RedBullCapturePoint and #Contest tags. Up to 18 photos can be submitted per game.

There’s no indication as to how the judges will be rating each photo, but the post does mention it’s looking to highlight the “creativity of PlayStation gamers.” So get artsy with it. You can check out the Red Bull Capture Point trailer below:

Each category winner will get a PS5 console, a DualSense Controller, a Pulse 3D Headset, and a bunch of other swag. You’ll also get a copy of five unannounced, upcoming PlayStation Studio games. Best in Show Winners will even win cash prizes – with first place bringing home $1,500.

To help promote the event, Walmart and 7-Eleven are offering activation codes to unlock PlayStation Network avatars on select Red Bull cans. They don’t have much to do with the competition, but it’s an easy way to pick up some exclusive avatars that “feature characters from the select PlayStation titles drawn in a classic cartoon style.”

While the Capture Point contest is one way to get your hands on a PS5, we really hope the supply chain issue is figured out by the time the judging starts in May. AMD, the company behind the chipsets in PS5 and Xbox Series X, thinks its bottleneck will continue until the second half of 2021 – so maybe it’s not a bad idea to throw your hat into the Capture Point competition.

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