Weird West: What Should You Do With Heathen’s Box?

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Just by reading Weird West's name, you know you're in for a wild ride. Not only does this game feature all of the usual wild west dangers, like running into coyotes or bandit ambushes, but you will also encounter your fair share of magical creatures like witches and pigmen.

Most likely, you'll encounter these creatures during the encounters that sometimes happen when traveling from one place to another. One of these encounters is called "Witch at the Crossroads," during those, you'll meet Heathen, a witch that seems particularly interested in what you're doing during your Journey. After meeting her a few times, she'll give you a box with the condition that you don't open it. Keep reading this guide to learn what's inside Heathen's Box and what you can do with it.

Who Is Heathen?

Heathen is a witch and a member of the 21. She is also one of the first characters you'll meet as she is present in the weird room with the five portraits you will be in when the game starts.

However, you will usually interact with her during the "Witch at the Crossroads" encounters. She will also appear at the end of the second Journey to ask you what you want to do with Ruth.

How To Get Heathen's Box

The "Witch at the Crossroads" random event can happen anytime while traveling across the map; Heathen usually just wants to talk to you and see how you are doing. Afterward, she will encourage you to open a chest nearby to see what you can find inside (the items inside the chest are randomized and you won't get the same item every time).

During one of these encounters, Heathen will give you a mysterious box under the condition that you don't open it, as she will ask about it later down the line.

What To Do With Heathen's Box And What's Inside

After Heathen gives you the box, it will be on your inventory and is transferred from hero to hero. The only thing you can do with it is open it, but that's exactly what Heathen asked you not to do.

In case you're wondering, opening the box is not worth it. Heathen's box is completely empty, with no special talisman or Nimp Relic inside.

How To Unlock The What's In The Box Achievement In Weird West

If you fight the urge to open the box and see what's inside, you will meet Heathen again on another random encounter during the five and final Journey as Constance the Oneirist.

This time Heathen will ask for her box back; giving her the unopened box will get you the 'What's in the Box?' trophy or achievement.

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