Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Video game dream sequels

GameCentral readers name the unlikely sequels they’d most like to see happen, including Skies Of Arcadia 2 and a new F-Zero.

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Grando and could be a sequel for any game franchise, whether it’s had a sequel recently or not at all. We just wanted to know what you’d like it to look like and how likely you think it is to actually happen.

We had plenty of suggestions, from all eras of gaming, although most were forlorn hopes with most people admitting their dream game was unlikely… but not quite impossible.


Do or do not

It’s a sad reflection of the state of gaming today, or at least of EA’s bean counters, that there is no sign whatsoever of a new Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. EA have the Star Wars licence, they own BioWare (who could do with a hit), and everyone thinks the originals were the best Star Wars games ever. So what do they do? Absolutely nothing.

Actually it’s worse than that, they cancel another promising game by the creator of Uncharted and instead green light some boring looking Force Unlimited style game that nobody liked the second it was announced.

I get what the problem is: Knights Of The Old Republic would be a really expensive, and lengthy, game to make and EA don’t want to take a risk. But where has that got them? Battlefront II, the slow death of their loot box gravy train, and everyone hating them even more.

A new Knights Of The Old Republic game – it doesn’t even have to be a sequel, just the same general idea – would be amazing with current tech and production values but I fear we’ll never see it just because it’s too expensive and would take too more effort.


Three possibilities

Although considered part of an unofficial trilogy with Quintet’s Soul Blazer and Terranigma, the sequel, or possibly in this case, prequel that I’d most like to see it that of Illusion Of Time (known as Illusion Of Gaia in the U.S. and Japan). This is one of the most underrated action role-playing games on the SNES. With great graphics, slick gameplay and some memorable moments, including one of the most touching moments I’ve experienced in all of gaming, this deserves another entry in the series.

A prequel would be ideal, casting the player in the role of Will’s dad before the events of Time/Gaia, where he sets of on his expedition. The game could explore this aspect and lead up to the original.

Failing that, I’d love to see a sequel to Turtles: Tournament Fighters (SNES) using characters and original art style from the ‘80s originals, not the subsequent vile reboots. Who wouldn’t want to play as Mutagen Man?

My final idea would be a sequel to Solstice 2: Equinox. If you haven’t played this gem, I urge you to check it out, possibly the most underrated game on SNES.
Steve Derricourt – Enter the Rat King (Sky Sports FF)


Back from the Dead

I want to see a sequel to the original Dead Rising. I know there are several with the same name and a number after them but 3 and 4 are more like spin-offs as they remove a vital component that, in any other game, I would despise: escorting survivors back to a safe room.

Since they removed that mostly in the third game, and altogether in number 4, I don’t enjoy it as much. With the next next gen coming out I’d love a new version where I could find a dozen or more survivors and arm them to the teeth. I think it could be spectacular driving around an infested town that is fully open in an open-top bus blowing seven shades of the brown stuff out of the undead and psychos alike.

Obviously, I’d also love more objectives and the return of some time-based missions. They can leave out the annoying special infected and just have the basics. That’s all I need.


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Dark Skies

So it is time once again to invoke the spirit of Inbox magic, and in honour of that I would request a sequel to Skies Of Arcadia, which was rumoured to be under consideration at the time of the original release, but sadly never transpired.

I am realistic enough to understand that the cost of producing modern games, particularly role-playing ones with hours of programming and language translation, etc. mean that the financial risk would be deemed too great, but I would be happy with something better in terms of graphics and the like but not necessarily the highest specification.

A good example of this is an upgraded version of the first level of the original Tomb Raider 2 game, developed by YouTuber Nicobass and a small team using the Unreal 4 game engine, which has not fallen foul of Crystal Dynamics/legal action and is apparently playable on a PC. One of the difficulties of revisiting an earlier game from some time ago is that the world and general gaming tastes have moved on, and the nostalgia angle may not be sufficient to motivate such a project on its own.

One possible way to test the waters would be to include the original game with some tweaking (random encounter rate!) on a Dreamcast mini-console assuming one may be under consideration, as interest in the game is probably limited by the high second-hand cost of both versions of the game and hardware availability, although the apparent lack of effort put into the recent PlayStation example isn’t encouraging.

I was pleased to see several mentions in last weeks’ favourite memories Hot Topic so I would imagine I’m not the only one who would like to travel the open blue skies once more and tackle some bigger airship battles or perhaps even larger Gigas encounters.

An HD updated port of the original to the Switch would be better than nothing.

Keep up the good work on these pages everyone!


Legendary suggestion

This is a well-timed question for me because the next best thing to what I’m asking for has just been released.

Before the remake of Zelda: Link’s Awakening was announced, my hope was for a new 2D Zelda on Switch that properly utilised the console’s technical capabilities.

Link’s Awakening is of course a dream come true for many, and I know I’m really going to enjoy it so I was happy with that news, especially when I saw the beautiful visuals. But I can’t help imagining a 50-plus hour 2D Zelda that has more dungeons than ever, a massive open world and is just generally more substantial and involved. A Link Between Worlds fit the bill to some extent but it was on 3DS and I’m talking about even greater scope (and shedding that game’s somewhat sterile art design).

There may or may not be suggestions this weekend for Breath Of The Wild 2 to have proper dungeons, a more complex story/antagonist, and a return to the Metroid style item system, etc. That would be high on my sequels list too, but if we found out in the next couple of years that the new engine for Link’s Awakening was being put to use in much more ambitious games, that would be music to my ears even more than that lovely song for the Wind Fish.



F-Zero would be my dream sequel, but I’m not sure it’ll happen. Those tracks in Mario Kart 8 were a great homage but I think that’s all we’re getting. Nintendo can be self-indulgent but why they don’t seem to mind spending money on small games with niche appeal I don’t think they like to see their own games flop.

Much better to keep F-Zero in people’s memories and have the occasional cameo than release a new game and have people point it out for a failure. That’s what I think they’re thinking anyway and I think the failure of Star Fox Zero will only confirm that for them.


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The five levels of Dante

I would like a true sequel to the original Devil May Cry!

*** Spoilers ahead for Devil May Cry 5! ***

I know there’s been a lot of sequels to it, I’ve played them all (the only one I’ve failed to complete is the woeful Devil May Cry 2!) and although the combat is vastly improved in the later games (especially 3, this year’s 5, and even Ninja Theory’s reboot) I just don’t love them the way I still adore the very first game.

Playing the fifth game earlier this year confirmed to me what I was missing from every other entry: the original version of Dante!

Near the end of Devil May Cry 5, when Dante is fighting Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare he says (referring to the first game) ‘It’s like I’m back on Mallet Island’, to which I actually found myself muttering, ‘No, you were never there!’

Now apart from Ninja Theory’s reboot I know Dante’s physical appearance hasn’t changed much over the series but to me his personality has and not for the better in my opinion.

In the first game sure he was a cocky, wise-cracking hero but he also had a nobility to him, he had heart, but those elements seem to have disappeared over the course of the series.

The second game was a total lobotomy of everything that had come before it, including Dante who had become a serious, moody figure who barely spoke.

Devil May Cry 3 was a prequel so that gave us a younger Dante, but for me he just seemed to be trying just a bit too hard to be cool and I personally found his endless whooping grating by the end of the game.

Devil May Cry 4’s Dante was like 2 – an older Dante then in the first game but thankfully he was more lively and verbal this time, but also came off with a nonchalant attitude.

Now while I personally didn’t have a problem with how Ninja Theory changed Dante’s physical appearance in their game I really hated what they did with him personality-wise. Instead of being cocky and brash he came across as just being crude and foul-mouthed.

And finally, we have the recent 5, where near the start Dante calls Nero ‘dead weight’ and at the end when his brother, Vergil, is about to fight Nero Dante’s response is, ‘Whatever. I don’t really care.’

Dante is half demon and half human but somewhere along the way Capcom has lost his human side, I wish they’d bring it back…


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