WayForward And Arc System Works Are Making A RWBY Game

During Rooster Teeth’s RTX Home panel for RWBY, it was announced that WayForward and fighting game developer/publisher Arc System Works are making a game based on the highly popular online series. The title will be arriving sometime next year for consoles and PC.

No other details were provided about the upcoming adaptation, but WayForward’s involvement should be very exciting for fans of the series. They are behind some excellent platformers like the fan-favorite Shantae franchise and DuckTales Remastered, and beat-em-ups like the excellent River City Girls.

Arc System Works has a history with the RWBY franchise. It’s best entry in the video game space is Blazblue Cross Tag Battle – developed by Arc System Works. It had all four of the crew battling/teaming up with characters from the Persona, Blazblue, Senran Kagura, and Under Night series of games. It feels great to play matches with the song “Red Like Roses” cranked up to 11, and Ruby’s moveset in particular was unique and fun to play with.

Could we be getting a RWBY fighting game from both WayForward and Arc System Works? Whether or not Arc is actually assisting in the development of the game or merely publishing the title for WayForward remains to be seen.

We reviewed River City Girls and thought it was like a violent cartoon brought to life with bright and vibrant visuals. It also reminded us of another fantastic beat-em-up, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, which will be getting a modern port later this year.

WayForward seems like a perfect fit for the RWBY franchise as it has experience with bad-ass female characters like River City Girls, plenty of charm and personality like Shantae, and great gameplay chops with co-op based titles. We imagine you’ll be able to play each of the four characters, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang, in this interactive title.

This isn’t the first time a RWBY game is being developed, but the series’ past outings on consoles and PC have been hit and miss. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse was a competent but repetitive hack-and-slash title with co-op mechanics. It felt like a standard licensed title with nothing on the surface other than the enjoyment of playing your favorite characters. RWBY Amita Arena on mobile is a strange flex for the series with real-time strategy and card-based systems that don’t really mesh with the action-packed nature of the show.

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