Watch Dogs: Legion: How To Get The Pig Mask And Euro Gas Mask

One of the major selling points of Watch Dogs: Legion is how the game is structured around not one primary player character, but an entire team of characters you are free to recruit and swap between as the story unfolds. This unique mechanic lends itself extremely well to a game with tons of character customization options, specifically in their wardrobe choices. Along with shirts, pants, and the like, masks are a major part of how you can style your chosen operative, and the Pig Mask and Euro Gas Mask are two of the coolest you can get your hands on. If you want to know how to get these two unique pieces of headgear, we’ll give you all the data you need.

How To Get The Pig Mask In Watch Dogs: Legion

You can pick up the Pig Mask as early as the second mission in the game, Restart DedSec. The mask is found inside the safehouse called The Earl’s Fortune, which you visit during the mission. While inside, go up the stairs in the back onto the upper server area. The mask will be in a blue case you can pick up at the end of the platform.

How To Get The Euro Gas Mask In Watch Dogs: Legion

This mask is a little more dangerous to get. Travel over to the New Scotland Yard in Westminster and sneak your way inside through the back door from the parking lot. In the first office to your left, the one with the table showing a holographic model of the city, the mask is on the desk in the back right corner of the room. Pick it up and add it to your collection.

Once you’ve collected these two masks, or any of the others in the game, remember that you need to equip them at the dedicated DedSec vending machines where you can also purchase new clothing options. To equip one of these masks, just interact with the machine, go over to the wardrobe tab and go into the masks options. All the masks you have will show up here, so just select the one you want and you’ll be good to go.

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