Warzone Players Suspect Vehicles Were Secretly Nerfed

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the biggest battle royale games in the world, with some of the biggest updates that you’ll ever see. These can be annoying, not just because of the download size, but because they can change so much of the game that sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s a bug and what’s a feature. Such is the case with vehicles, as some Warzone players believe that they were secretly nerfed.

Of course, it can go both ways. It could be that Activision nerfed vehicles, or it could be something more akin to the game-breaking glitch that happened last month. Since the start of the new season of Warzone, Activision has been on a mission to ensure the game plays fairly for everyone. This may indicate that Activision is trying to smooth out “legal exploits” that give some players an advantage.

That’s what some players on Reddit are wondering, anyway. It seems that when you exit a vehicle, your aim will be set randomly, rather than where you were aiming your vehicle. However, it doesn’t appear to be consistent, or it might only happen when you’re trying to change the direction of your view when exiting—according to one comment at least.

The confusion is rather like playing a game of Among Us. There are so many legitimate changes to the experience that it’s hard to tell if this was done in an attempt to make things fair, or if this is a bug that was only discovered after the latest update. Unlike Among Us, though, Activision knows whether this is a bug or a feature — so depending on steps it takes, we’ll know which one it is.

If exiting a vehicle goes back to normal — where your aim never changed — then we know this is a bug. Conversely, if nothing changes over the next few weeks, that might mean that this is indeed a feature that is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Either way, all we can do at this point is to wait and see.

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