Warzone 2 Streamer Tries To Turn Off Opponent’s Xbox Using Proximity Chat

Warzone became Warzone 2 in 2022 and reintroduced the world to proximity chat. A feature that continues to have the Call of Duty community split. Players potentially using it to turn off other people's consoles serves as further evidence that it might be both the best and worst thing introduced to Warzone so far.

For those unaware of how proximity chat works, the feature kicks in when players are nearby. If activated, and your mic is on, when you speak, other players nearby will be able to hear you, and you them. That gave Jon Schaefer a bright idea while streaming recently. Turn on the mic and yell “Xbox, turn off” into it.

Upon hearing a player with proximity chat turned on towards the end of a Warzone 2 match, Schaefer switches on his mic and says the phrase above. A number of people appear to disconnect moments later, making it seem as if the controversial tactic worked. Not only that, but the proximity chat-using player the streamer was gunning for doesn't respond when Schaefer asks if they're still there.

As for whether it really worked, Warzone players who have seen the clip appear to be split. Some have been trying to recreate the tactic themselves, but no one else seems to have been able to pull it off. Others have pointed out that even though people seemed to disconnect when Schaefer tried to turn off someone's Xbox remotely, the player count in the match remained the same. It does rely on a lot of factors to work too. Not only someone having Xbox's voice commands enabled, but also having proximity chat on and the game's sound playing through their speakers.

Whether you think it worked or not, if you're playing Warzone on Xbox and you use proximity chat, it might be time to put on a headset or tweak your settings. Despite the split opinion on proximity chat, there has been no indication it will be removed from the game. That means Al Mazrah's dedicated Uber drivers can continue their hard work for the time being, ferrying both friends and foes around the map.

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