Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters: Apothecary Class Guide

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Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is an explosive romp that will take your plucky band of Knights across the galaxy in a quest to purge Nurgle and his insidious Bloom. To do this, you have access to the best wargear and equipment The Emperor has to offer. You also have access to the Apothecary.

The Apothecary is so far from being an effective combat unit that taking one might seem like a downgrade to your squad. He has access to only the most basic of gear available, and his upgrade tree is not exactly designed to deal damage. Thankfully, this guy more than makes up for it in other ways, making him invaluable in certain squad compositions.

What Is An Apothecary

The Apothecary is a healer at heart, although his abilities go far beyond simple medicinal knowledge. The Apothecary is a buffing powerhouse capable of bringing allies back from the brink, enhancing their combat effectiveness to ludicrous levels, and even having a few offensive abilities to give him a more rounded kit.

Skills And Abilities

Innate Abilities

Every class in Chaos Gate comes with a unique passive ability that differentiates them from each other. The Apothecary is no different.

ApothecaryThe Apothecary can equip the Narthecium, which unlocks the use of the Battlefield Medicine ability.

Core Discipline

This tree is full of general skills that lead to specialized skill trees.

Psybolt Bleed UpgradeThe Apothecary’s Psybolt will now also inflict Bleed for 2 turns.
Willpower x2The Apothecary gains +2 WP permanently.
Terminator ArmorThe Apothecary can now equip Terminator Armor.

Scourging Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Scourging Psychic Attack.

ScourgingEnemies within an Area 2 Blast suffer Bleed for 2 turns. This attack has a range of 15.
Area Upgrade x2The Blast Area of Scouring is increased by +1.
Grim SurgeonAll Bleed effects caused by the Apothecary last for +3 turns.

Battlefield Medicine Discipline

This tree enhances the Battlefield Medicine Psychic Boon.

Battlefield MedicineAdjacent Knight is healed 5 HP. This ability can only be used if the Apothecary is equipped with a Narthecium.
Heal Upgrade x2Battlefield Medicine heals +2 damage.
Warp ChargeWhen activated, Battlefield Medicine heals +5 damage and grants the target +1AP.
WillpowerThe Apothecary gains +2 WP permanently.

Emperor’s Judgement Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Emperor’s Judgement Psychic Attack.

Emperor’s JudgementThis is an Area 3 Blast with a range of 15. Targets caught in the blast are afflicted with Hobbled for 2 turns. Hobbled reduces Movement Speed by 2.
Upgrade AreaEmperor’s Judgement gains +1 to its Blast Area.
Warp ChargeWhen activated, Emperor’s Judgement inflicts Immobilized for 2 turns. Immobilized targets cannot move.
WillpowerThe Apothecary gains +2 WP permanently.

Warp Speed Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Warp Speed Biomancy Psychic Boon.

Warp Speed BiomancyTarget an adjacent Knight and grant them +2 Crit Damage for Melee Attacks, and +2 Movement for 2 turns.
Crit Damage UpgradeWarp Speed Biomancy gains an additional Crit Damage modifier of +2.
Move Speed UpgradeWarp Speed Biomancy increases Movement Speed by +1.
HealthThe Apothecary gains +4 HP permanently.

Iron Arm Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Iron Arm Biomancy Psychic Boon.

Iron Arm BiomancyTarget an adjacent Knight, that Knight gains +1 Stun when using Melee Attacks for 1 turn.
Duration UpgradeIron Arm Biomancy lasts for +1 turn.
Stun UpgradeIron Arm Biomancy increases Stun by +1.
Surgical AdeptWhen the Apothecary uses a Biomancy ability, there is a 50% chance that they will gain +1AP.

Servo Skull Upgrades

This tree enhances the efficacy of the Servo Skull Wargear item.

Equipment UnlockThe Apothecary unlocks an additional Wargear Slot that can only be used to equip Servo Skulls.
Ammo Upgrade x2Each Servo Skull the Apothecary has gains +1 ammo.
Apothecarion SkullThe Apothecary can now equip Apothecarion Skulls. When equipped, all Biomancy can be used at any range.

Melee Discipline

This tree enhances the Apothecary's melee capabilities.

Bleed UpgradeWhen the Apothecary uses Force Strike, it will apply Bleed for 2 turns in addition to any other effects.
Extract Seed UpgradeAll Melee Attacks made by the Apothecary will extract Bloom Seeds – not just Critical Hits.
Crit Damage UpgradeApothecary will deal an additional +3 damage when landing a Critical Hit in Melee.
Ruthless Precision There is a 50% chance that the Apothecary will gain +1AP when they land a Melee Attack.

Endurance Discipline

This tree unlocks and upgrades the Endurance Biomancy Psychic Boon.

Endurance BiomancyTarget an adjacent Knight and grant them +50% Resistance for 3 turns. In addition, this skill also has a 100% chance to Purify any afflictions.
Resistance UpgradeEndurance Biomancy increases Resistance by an additional +25%.
Duration UpgradeEndurance Biomancy lasts for +1 turn.
Sympathetic BiomancyWhenever the Apothecary uses a Biomancy, there is a 15% chance that he will also gain the same Boon.

Essential Skills

The Apothecary, for the most part, is a bit of a wet noodle. His skills simply don’t grant enough buffs to his damage for him to be taken as an offensive slot. Some skills do exist, but his strength lies in his support abilities – which are fantastic.

Skills to aim for when building an Apothecary are:

  • Warp Speed Biomancy
  • Iron Arm Biomancy
  • Battlefield Medicine
  • Servo Skulls

Warp Speed Biomancy is unbelievably good on any Melee Knight. This is especially true on any Knight who has access to Hammerhand, as Hammerhand is a 100% Crit Chance ability, guaranteeing the bonus Crit Damage from Warp Speed. Knights in Terminator Armor, who tend to be slower, can also make use of the +2 Movement, making Justicars and Paladins much more dangerous.

Iron Arm Biomancy is another fantastic Biomancy. The bonus to Stun is massive as Knights will be landing +3 Stun hits, opening making it easier to open enemies up for an Execution. Since Executions grant the entire squad +1AP, this can snowball very quickly. Not everything can be stunned, making it less of a must-have than Warp Speed, but this is still a fantastic ability.

Battlefield Medicine is great for several reasons. The Apothecary is very useful at helping melee-focused Knights, and these tend to take more damage. Being able to heal them can keep them fighting for much longer than they otherwise would. The additional benefit is the +1AP when Warp Charged. This AP transfer directly equals damage when given to an Interceptor, for example.

Finally, the Servo Skulls. Servo Skulls are incredibly useful pieces of equipment as they provide light healing at a distance, and Purify any afflictions as standard. The fact that the Apothecary can bring multiple Servo Skulls into battle massively increases the utility without having to go into something like Endurance Biomancy.

Not only that, but the unique Apothecarion Skull allows the Apothecary to buff the Squad from any distance, making all of his Biomancies noticeably more powerful. The Apothecary is a buffing machine, and this makes him even better.

A special mention goes to Emperor's Judgement. Some missions require you to kill, hold out against, or push through, massive hordes of enemies. Emperor’s Judgement, especially once upgraded to Immobilise, makes these scenarios much easier as you can take advantage of your squad's ranged abilities and not have to worry about being shanked by a Plaguebearer.

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