Warframe’s New War Expansion Arrives December 15

Warframe's last Devstream of the year has just ended with big news for Tenno throughout the Origin System. The New War, Warframe's biggest story-based expansion to date, arrives on December 15 for all platforms.

The announcement comes alongside a brand new cinematic trailer that deftly recaps the story of the Tenno and their relationship with The Lotus, now Natah of the Sentients. Warning for those who are new to Warframe and haven't progressed the story, there will be spoilers.

Our operator apparently pilots Nova, a crowd-control and support Warframe that can allow teammates to teleport within her field of vision. Rhino uses that teleportation ability to great effect while Excalibur does his usual slashy-slashy thing with his energy sword. But when Nova takes a rocket to the chest, the Operator herself leaps forth and blasts those pesky Grineer with pure Void energy.

The big reveal in the trailer is Lotus's face, which perhaps unsurprisingly appears to be modeled after Warframe's live operations director and voice of the Lotus, Rebecca Ford.

“Just as players have waited so long for this climactic moment in Warframe, we too have eagerly awaited the time where players would be able to experience the emotional depth and action of The New War that we’ve created for them," said Ford. “We can’t wait to experience The New War alongside our players and deliver a continuation in Warframe’s story that we’ll be able to build and expand upon.”

The New War will be told in three acts that have players control three new characters: Kahl-175 the Grineer, Veso the Corpus Tech, and the Dax: Teshin. Each will fight in new environments using new weapons, customizations, and accessories. And to top it off, The New War will introduce Caliban, the 48th Warframe, as a fusion of Sentient and Tenno technology.

To take part in The New War, Tenno will need to have unlocked the Archwing, Railjack, Necramech, and Operator Mode through the appropriate story quests. To help you get there, a new Tenno Guide will take players through the appropriate cinematic quests. You’ve got two weeks to prepare, so use that time wisely.

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