VRChat Will Add Support For Eye Tracking On Quest Pro

VRChat plans to add native support for eye tracking.

This includes both PC (via the OSC protocol) and the Quest Store app on Quest Pro, which Meta just announced is being cut to $1000.

The developers released a preview video running standalone on Quest Pro:

VRChat also added support for controller-free hand tracking to the Quest Store app late last year. There are no announced plans for native support for Quest Pro’s face tracking yet, however. Both eye tracking and face tracking are already supported in Meta’s Horizon suite but aren’t yet in other 3rd party social platforms like Rec Room or Bigscreen.

Existing avatars with moving eyes should “just work” without changes. Initially both eyelids will be controlled together, so you’ll be able to blink but not wink, but winking is planned for a future SDK update.

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