VR Cover Launches New Accessory To Help Spectacled Quest 2 Players

VR Cover’s new XL Spacer should help glasses-wearers have a more comfortable experience in VR.

As the leading VR accessory brand, VR Cover offers dozens of products to help make the Oculus Quest 2 more comfortable, shareable, and hygenic. TheGamer has reviewed a few of VR Cover’s flagship products, including the VR cover facial interface, the cotton cover for wicking away moisture, and the hypoallergenic silicone cover. The facial interface in particular provides a surprising amount of added comfort, making it easier to wear the headset for long gameplay sessions. The silicone covers makes it easier to clean the headset and pass it between players, something that has become increasingly necessary these days.

Today, VR Cover released a collection of new products in their continuing effort to make VR more comfortable and safe. One of their newest products is the XL Spacer, a plastic spacer that snaps between the headset and the foam interface to creates extra space for people that wear glasses.

The Oculus Quest 2 does actually come with a spacer. The frame adds 4mm of space between the lenses and the exterior padding. As a glasses wearer myself, I found that the default spacer didn’t add enough to room to safely take the headset on and off without accidentally scratching the lenses of the headset with my glasses. The XL Spacer another 2.5 mm for a total of 6.5 mm of extra space. While it may create more light leak around the nose cavity, it should certainly help those with glasses feel safer and more comfortable using their Quest 2.

VR Cover also released new color options for the facial interface and foam replacement. You can now get the plastic facial interface in either magenta, dark red, dark grey, or dark blue, with either a white or black foam pad. The silicone cover is also no available in grey.

Finally, VR Cover is also offering an extra foam pad designed for the back part of the Elite Strap from Oculus. VR Cover says that the extra pad makes the headset more snug, stable, and wearable.

You can check out all of VR Cover’s products on their website.

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