Visage: How To Get The Void Ending

The creeping, shifting home you explore in the slow paced horror game Visage is teeming with scares hidden within its walls. As you explore, and learn more about the previous owners of the home trying to find a way out before the hauntings get the better of you, you might find more than one way to escape its halls. While the game has only just come out of early access, finally adding the third and fourth chapters, there is not only one but two ways this story can end at the moment. The second ending, known as the Void ending, is as cryptic as the history of the home itself. If you want to see this alternate ending, follow along with our guide.

How To Get The Void Ending In Visage

While it won’t spoil the normal ending, this guide will obviously spoil everything about this specific void ending. If you’d rather uncover this mystery for yourself, this is your final warning.

In order to get access to this ending you will need to play through the game only up until the point where you can enter the basement. Once this area is open to you, find the part of the wall that was clearly being painted over very hastily. Interact with it and choose to break through the wall and step inside. This little passage will lead you to another downward staircase.

At the bottom of the stairs is a tiny room with a hanging bulb above a small wooden table, a green chair, and a revolver. Select the revolver to pick it up and observe that five of the six chambers are loaded. You will have the options to either aim the gun at your head or drop it. Aim it at your head and choose to fire it.

You will wake up in the bathroom back upstairs in a pool of blood. Drag yourself back down to the basement, through the wall, and to the revolver again. You will need to repeat the process of shooting yourself in the head a total of six times.

On the sixth shot, when the gun is empty, you will still blackout after pulling the trigger. When you wake up, you will find yourself at the bottom of the well you saw in the Affliction tape with an apple on the floor beside you. You can’t interact with the apple, nor escape the well. All there is to do is wait for the credits to roll.

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