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After escaping the Elevator in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, you will meet the other players in the Nonary Games. Soon after, you will need to split into groups of three and explore the various rooms of the facility you are trapped in. One of the first rooms you can explore is the Crew Quarters, if you head through the Cyan Chromatic Door with Phi and Alice.

The Crew Quarters are a group of four rooms that seem to be inhabited by whoever lived or worked in this facility. To escape them and find clues to the reason you are trapped here, you will need to apply some logic and puzzling prowess. Let's take a look at each puzzle you will find in the Crew Quarters, and how to escape.

Crew Quarters Layout

The Crew Quarters is a set of four rooms that are connected with a hallway. The rooms are labeled one through four, and different things can be found in each. Before we attempt to escape the Crew Quarters, let's familiarize ourselves with what can be found in each room.

Starting with Room One, you can find a small shelf with a phone and screens on top of it. Underneath the shelf is the escape safe. In the back of the room is a large locker that is currently locked with a keypad. On the other side of the room you can find a small desk with a book on top of it, and a series of symbols on the wall above.

Finally, a foldout bed can be located in the front left corner of the room. Folding out this bed reveals a drawn outline of a person with a patch ripped out of the fabric.

In Room Two, you will also find a small desk, foldout bed, and locker. On Room Two's desk, a small piece of metal can be found. This room also has a phone, but this one does not have a screen above it like in Room One.

Room Three is locked for now, so we'll take a look at Room Four first. This room is very similar to Room Two, the major difference being a large poster near the locker that will be used later in the puzzle.

How To Escape The Crew Quarters

Now that we know our way around the Crew Quarters, let's seek a way out.

Start by picking up the pieces of metal from Rooms Two and Four, and combine them into a small key. Use this key on the lock on Room Three to open it, granting you access to the room. Pick up the box cutter from the desk in this room, then open the already unlocked locker. Inside you will find a large roll of aluminum foil, which you can combine with the box cutter to get aluminum foil shapes and three different patterns.

Now, move to Room Four and place aluminum foil pattern 2 on the desk below the markings, and you will see the reflection of four numbers appear: 3472. You can use this code to open the locker in the same room.

However, opening the locker isn't as straightforward as simply typing in the code. To open the locker, you will need to press the buttons so that they add together the row and column to make the desired number. Using the image below as reference, we'll use the first number of the code, 3, as an example.

To get three, press the top right button on the keypad to add together three and zero, leaving you with a sum of three, which is the first digit of the code. Repeat this process for the following three digits, using the solution detailed below.

  • 3 – Top right button
  • 4 – Bottom left button
  • 7 – Bottom middle button
  • 2 – Center right button

Doing this correctly will open the locker, allowing you to examine the wallet inside, which will give you a coin item. Now, move over to the poster and use the coin to scratch off the bands on her left and right arms, the band on her right leg, and the heart tattoo on her left leg to reveal different shapes with numbers in them. You can determine exactly where to scratch by remembering the missing patches on the beds in each room.

You can continue scratching off the metallic parts to reveal her bikini, if you want.

Make note of the position, shape, and number on each part of the poster, and head to Room Two. Here, use the aluminum foil pattern 1 on the desk to reflect the numbers 4985, which you can input into this room's locker using the same method as before. Opening this locker will give you the small cassette tape, which you can use in Room Three.

Back in Room Three, set the small cassette tape into the phone. Then, move back to Room One and pick up the Schrodinger's Cat book and set the aluminum foil shapes on the desk to complete the markings. Using the same shapes on the poster, you can determine that the shapes correspond to 1689. However, because the star and diamond are upside down on the poster, you will need to flip those numbers around too, giving you 1986.

Now it's time to use the phone. Dialing the extension will connect you to each room; since you are in Room One, extension one will not work. Press the second extension to have Alice read 25** off the display, then dial the fourth extension for Phi to read **92. Combining these numbers, you can dial 2592 on the phone to connect to Room Three. This will cause Zero III to give you a hint through the pre-recorded cassette tape you placed in the phone earlier.

Exit the dialing area and look at the screens above the phone. These will reflect the number on the dial input, giving you 2652. If you dial this number back into the phone, the lid will finally open, giving you the small metal pin.

You won't need to use the phone anymore, but there are a few numbers you can dial to get special secret messages. If you feel like hearing any of these, try typing in the phone numbers listed below.

0818, 3241, 5309, 6724, 6969, 8008

Bring this pin over to Room One's locker to unlock the keypad. Then, type in 1986, which you found earlier using the shapes from the poster. This will unlock the locker and give you the Green Safe Password, allowing you to escape the Crew Quarters.

If you want to get the Gold File for the Crew Quarters, be sure to get it before using the Green Safe Password. Using the escape password first will kick you out of the room, making it so you can't access the locker again.

How To Get The Gold File

To get the Gold File, head back to the phone and type in 1986, which is the password you used to find the Green Safe Password. Typing this into the phone will instead reflect it on the mirror above, which will give you the new code of 9861. Put this into Room One's locker to obtain the Blue Safe Password, which will give you the Gold File when you put it into the escape safe.

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