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The Control Room is an escape room in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. After going through the Red Chromatic Door with Phi and Luna, you will explore this large and mysterious room. Living up to its name, the Control Room is full of control panels, levers, dials, knobs, and other doohickies of unknown use.

There are a few unique puzzles in this room that you'll need to use your best deduction skills to solve. Let's take a look at how to solve every puzzle in the Control Room, how to get the Gold File, and how to escape.

Control Room Layout

Before we escape the Control Room, let's take a look around.

The Control Room is an L-shaped room, with the entrance and exit doors on opposite ends of the room. The inner wall of the room is entirely glass, allowing a view of the large reactor. Below the windows are a series of control panels with various buttons and levers.

To the right of the entrance is a scanning machine, and a control panel with a series of pipes and valves can be found next to it. Two lockers, similar to the ones in the Crew Quarters, are located next to the control panel.

Continuing down the room, you can find a red and blue clock between a set of shelves. The escape safe is found near the red clock.

How To Escape The Control Room

Now, let's seek a way out of the Control Room.

Start by grabbing the protractor and compass from the shelf near the clocks. Combine these items into the expanded compass. Then, move directly next to the shelf, near the red clock, and move the cardboard boxes to the side to reveal the numbers clipboard.

Next, inspect the laptop on the central control panel, and take the USB scanner from it. Grab the test clipboard on the left side of the laptop. Combine the USB scanner with the numbers clipboard to get USB scanner: green. Now, plug this back in to the laptop, and it will display four numbers in a sequence: 7213.

Move over to the set of two lockers and inspect the one on the right. Here, you will need to enter the code you just received, by pressing the correct buttons on the keypad, similar to the puzzle in the Crew Quarters. To do this, press the buttons in the following positions.

  • 7 – Top right button
  • 2 – Center right button
  • 1 – Bottom right button
  • 3 – Bottom middle button

Entering the code correctly will open the locker, allowing you to grab the disc-shaped part. Before we use this, let's find the code for the left locker.

Looking at the left locker, there is a hint to what four numbers you will need to enter: the hour and minute values of the blue and red clocks. To find these, first look at the blue clock. It reads 510 min, which equals 8 hours and 30 minutes, which will be the first two numbers of the password.

The second set of numbers can be found by looking at the red clock, which reads 11400 sec, or 3 hours 10 minutes. This means the second two numbers in the password are 3 and 10, giving you the complete password of 830310. This will need to be entered into the left locker in the same way as before, by pressing the following buttons.

  • 8 – Top right button
  • 30 – Center middle button
  • 3 – Bottom middle button
  • 10 – Bottom right button

This will unlock the locker, allowing you to pick up the rainbow tree root.

Next, with the expanded compass, inspect the poster to the right of the lockers. Use the compass on the poster to draw a circle in its center, which will draw a line through various ON and OFFs. Starting from the line pointing to the top of the poster, you can count the following configuration: on, off, on, off, off, off.

Move over to the central control panel and inspect the six levers. Flip the levers on or off according to the correct orientation, where on is down and off is up. After moving the levers correctly, one of them will fall off, allowing you to pick up the lever handle.

Head over to the pipe control panel and insert the lever handle into its correct position. Now, you will need to change the orientation of each lever so that the amount of liquid diverted to the bottom is correct. This can be done through trial and error, because the lights below the bottom numbers will glow green when they are correct. There are several different solutions to this puzzle, so either try until you find a solution, or use the one provided below.

From left to right:

  • Down, Left, Down, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down

Correctly moving the valves will divert power to the scanning machine.

Now, place the disc-shaped part on the top of the scanner, then place the rainbow tree root in the scanning slot. Inspect the screen to begin the final mini-game of the Control Room.

Here, you will need to determine the accurate percentage of each color that is present in the rainbow tree root by scanning each layer of the root. Upon first scanning it, you can see that 100 percent of the colors are present at the top layer. In the middle layer, yellow represents 4/16, red represents 3/15, green represents 6/20, and blue is unknown. On the final layer, each color has one number present, and you must find the second number that adds with the first and makes up the total percentage of that color.

The easiest way to solve this is to first change the fractions into percentages. After figuring out the percentage of yellow, red, and green, you will be able to tell the percentage of blue by subtracting the others from 100. Doing this, you can determine the following.

  • Yellow = 25%
  • Red = 20%
  • Green = 30%
  • Blue = 25%

Using these percentages, we can now find the missing numbers on the bottom layer of the scanner. For example, for yellow, we are given the number 19. To complete this percentage, we must add a number to 19 to get 25, which would be 6. This means the correct number to place in the missing yellow slot is 6. Repeat this process for the remaining colors, and you get the following:

  • Yellow – add 6
  • Red – add 8
  • Green – add 9
  • Blue – add 10

After putting these numbers into the correct slots, the screen will turn green, and will begin displaying the Green Safe Password. Head over to the safe and type this in to escape the Control Room.

How To Get The Gold File

To get the Gold File, simply take the USB out of the laptop, then combine it with the test clipboard, giving you the USB scanner: yellow. Plug this back into the laptop and it will display the Blue Safe Password. Put this into the safe to receive the Gold File.

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