Vampyr: Where To Find The Braille Notes

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Vampyr takes players into the story of Doctor Jonathan Emmet Reid, a military surgeon turned blood-sucking vampire. As a man of science, the game's protagonist engages in helping NPCs, finding cures for diseases, and he loves to solve cases by unraveling mysteries.

Finding the Braille Notes in Vampyr is one such case that holds back a secret reward only to be received if you collect all the four Braille Notes. Unlike most of the cases in Vampyr, you do not get any marker to help you track down the Braille Notes. So, we have scoured the plagued streets of the game and have come up with all the locations containing Braille Notes.

Where To Find The Braille Notes

Finding all the Braille Notes is technically a part of the side quest called Occult Oculus. However, players can collect all four notes even before triggering the said quest. You get this side-quest from a man named Mason Swanborough, who is at his house in Whitechapel Old Road. So, here are the key locations where you need to go and collect all four Braille Notes in Vampyr.

Braille Note 1 Location

The first Braille note is at The Docks. After reaching the location shown in the image above, head straight from the train track and East of the pub. Kill the vampire there and loot the first Braille Note from it. However, if you have already killed him, then the note should be beside his corpse.

Braille Note 2 Location

Head over inside the Dress Shop located in the Shopping Mall in West-End. Vanish to the top right side and go left at the mini bridge there. Just at the end, you will see a shop entrance, get inside the shop and head downstairs from there. You will find a corpse there right beside the two suits. Examine the body, and you will get the second Braille Note.

Braille Notes Location

You can find the third Braille note in Whitechapel. Go inside the house of Cadogan Bates through the main door, then head over to stairs, climb up, and open the door there. Once inside, jump through the hole on your right, start moving towards the side you jumped from, and head inside Cadogan’s bedroom. On your way, kill the vampires inside and save the landlord. You will find the third note right there on his bed.

Braille Note 4 Location

To get to the fourth Braille Note, go to the east part of the Cemetery and find the entrance to the Stonebridge Sewers. After entering, climb down the stairs there and keep going straight. On the right, you will see a hole in the wall — go inside. If this is your first time inside the Stonebridge Sewer, then kill the vampires along the way. Inside the lab, there will be a drawer where you can find the Braille Note.

Occult Oculus Walkthrough

Once you have collected all the Braille Notes, pay a visit to Mason Swanborough and hand them over. In exchange, he will give you a document containing the code. After getting the code, head back to the Braille Note 4’s location and go to the opposite direction of the drawer. Keep going up and unlock the door with the code Swanborough gave you.

Inside you will meet an enemy, defeat him, and then you will get the Chemist Diary. On a side note, loot everything inside the room as you will find the collectible “The Legendary Vampires: The Blood Goddess Heresy. After getting the Chemist Diary, head back to Mr. Mason Swanborough again and choose to give him the diary or keep it.

You will be rewarded with Salicin and EXP after completing this side-quest. However, it all boils down to the choices you made down the road. If you choose to hand Mason the Chemist Diary, you get the reward. If you do not hand it over, then you get nothing.

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