Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 9 Part 3 – Killing Stanford Walkthrough

The time has finally come. It’s time for Galeb to finally play his part in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong. He has been shot, burned, stabbed, and, well, stabbed a few more times for good measure. It’s the final confrontation between the big man himself, and Monsignor Stanford. Only one can leave the chapel alive.

This Scene has no side content. It is a straight shot to Stanford. You will either walk away alive, or you will die. There is no middle ground. Stanford is not a man to be underestimated, and he has proven time and time again he is no mere mortal. This is one of the only encounters in Swansong that truly requires stats, or sleuthing, to win.

How To Win The Confrontation With Stanford

This Confrontation is one of the longest in the entire game, and it will be a back-and-forth battle of wits. Thankfully, if you have been following these guides, or simply been exploring, you should be able to get through this in one piece. Here are the answers to each of Stanford's questions:

  • To pass this, you will need a high Persuasion stat – ideally three or higher. Alternatively, you could have Persuasion level two, and use your Domination level four ability, Iron Will, to automatically pass this check. If you can’t do either of these, then accept the miss.
  • “I know that everything depends on him” – this option can only be selected if you spoke to Joseph in Stanford’s Office. If you don’t have this option, then you missed out. The only other option that will succeed, is using Intimidation. This is incredibly difficult, as Stanford has an Intimidation level of five. Intimidation level three with Iron Will will overcome him, however.
  • If you have Psychology level three or higher (level two with Iron Will), then you can use “Defend”. If you don’t have the stats required, then “Don’t defend” and take this miss.
  • “We’ve already reigned over the world.”
  • This one requires a bit of sleuthing too. In Stanford’s Office, there was a letter in a locked drawer that detailed how some members of the SI were not on board with his methods. If you didn’t find it, then you will need to take a miss here too.
  • “I am a predator. I hunt”

Assuming you didn’t miss every skill check, Galeb will shatter Stanford’s faith, before putting the pest out of his misery.

What Happens If You Fail The Confrontation With Stanford

If you didn’t gather enough information or failed to acquire the right stats, then this Confrontation is bound to end poorly. If you lose this Confrontation, then Stanford breaks Galeb’s will to resist and destroys him.

This is one of the potential endings for Galeb.

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