Valve Says It’s Working To Restore Steam Payments To Ukrainian Developers

Valve is still not paying Ukrainian game developers for their games' sales on Steam, but it is working to restore those payments as soon as possible.

About two weeks ago, Valve notified Ukrainian game developers that it had suspended payments to Russia and Belorussian developers due to sanctions. However, we were surprised when Valve also sent notifications to Ukrainian developers telling them that they too would also stop receiving payments for sold games on Steam. At the time, Valve said it was "due to the current environment," obviously referring to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the war that has now been waging for over a month. The email asks Ukrainian devs to change their bank information in order to resume payments.

At the time, users speculated that this might have been due to Russian game devs looking to skirt sanctions by opening Ukrainian bank accounts, but that's not quite what's happening. Valve has since clarified the issue with Ukrainian game developers to say that payments will be restored once it has worked out some new requirements with its bank.

In an email posted to Twitter by Ukrainian dev Stas Shostak, Valve said that its bank had "notified us that they will begin requiring that we provide intermediary bank information for all wire payments to accounts in Russia and Ukraine."

Valve added it was "working to understand all the new requirements" and "create a path to collect this information" to resume payments. All outstanding account balances will be sent as soon as it receives that clarification.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Stas Shostak said that many Ukrainian game devs aren't taking any chances and have already swapped their bank info with accounts in neighboring countries. "All my Ukrainian gamedev friends report the same situation," he said. "Some (me included) are just waiting for the next month, some decided to open accounts in foreign banks to be completely sure they get the next payment."

Emails to Russian developers make similar promises to resume payments once it clarifies the required information with their bank. Belorussian accounts, however, are simply cut off from receiving payments from Steam.

Support for Ukraine is at least still coming in the form of donations. Humble recently raised $20 million for Ukrainian charities, while Fortnite raised a whopping $70 million. If you’d like to support Ukrainian game developers directly, check out our previous coverage here.

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