Valorant Is Getting A New Map Called "Foxtrot," According To Datamine

Valorant, the 5v5 tactical shooter from Riot Games, is set to receive a new map, according to a leak. This news comes courtesy of ValorLeaks, who shares a lot of datamined content for Valorant. Judging by this datamined content, this new upcoming map will be called “Foxtrot”.

However, ValorLeaks didn’t manage to find any images for this new map in the Valorant API. This suggests that the new map might not be ready yet to be released in the game.

Shortly after the original tweet from ValorLeaks, another Valorant data miner, ValorantExpress, tweeted a video that features the alleged loading screen music for this map. You can listen to this new music below:

The soundtrack itself hints at the map being set on a tropic island – and that’s pretty much everything we have on this new Foxtrot map so far.

Earlier this week, Riot Games released a new patch for Valorant 2.06, which buffed some agents in the game, including Viper and Yoru. As for weapons, the Bucky shotgun got nerf (again) and now it does even less damage.

Along with that, Valorant has also got a brand-new audio feature – Head-Related Transfer Function, with patch 2.06. This significantly improves the surround sound in the game and allows players to pinpoint their opponents more accurately on headset.

In February 2021, Riot Games introduced a brand-new agent in Valorant – Astra. While many would think that this is somewhat similar to Omen, after seeing her smoke abilities, Astra does have some really useful abilities like Gravity Well which allows you to pull all players to the center of a star. These abilities could come in handy when you’re the last person alive.

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