Valheim: Ingredient List And Cooking Guide

If you’re still living off of berries and crudely cooked meat in Valheim, then this guide is for you.

Cooking isn’t extraordinarily complicated, but you will need to have cleared certain checkpoints before you can gain access to all of the culinary tools you will need to become a master chef among Vikings.

3 The Basics

You start the game by living off of berries and soon after begin roasting raw meat and Neck tails on a spit over the fire for more well-rounded nourishment. Even during this rudimentary phase of the Viking culinary arts it is possible to mess up. If you leave meat roasting too long it will burn, producing charcoal instead. This trick could be mildly useful later on, but early in the game, you need sustenance, not fuel for a furnace.

To truly get your culinary skills underway, you are going to need to defeat the game’s second boss, the Elder. After defeating him, you will unlock the ability to craft a cauldron and a fermenter, along with obtaining a swamp key from him that unlocks Crypt gates in the swamp. That may not seem as relevant, but Crypts host creatures known as Draugrs from which you can get a valuable ingredient.

At this point, cooking starts becoming a little more convoluted, but not agonizingly so. Let’s start with raw food and ingredients and where to obtain them.

2 Raw Ingredients


These ingredients can be eaten as they are without any preparations. But they also serve as ingredients in tasty recipes you will learn once unlocking the cauldron after defeating the Elder. Below they are listed in order of how beneficial they are raw, from most to least.

  • Yellow Mushrooms can be picked in the Black Forest biomes and grant you 20 health and 20 stamina for a ten-minute period.
  • Cloudberries are found growing in the Plains and boost health by 15 and stamina by 25for roughly thirteen minutes.
  • Mushrooms and Raspberries can be found growing in the Meadows, and both grant 15 health and 20 stamina for ten minutes.
  • Blueberries also benefit you with 15 health and 20 stamina for ten minutes, but they grow in the Black Forest.
  • Carrots are native to the Black Forest as well, granting 15 health and stamina equally for ten minutes.
  • Honey supplies you with 20 health and 20 stamina for five minutes. Honey also boasts the strongest health regeneration of all the food in the game, so you may want to consume it along with two other highly nutritious recipes later on when you expect to take a lot of damage. This nectar isn’t at the top of the list because acquiring it requires a brief how-to of its own. Beehives may randomly spawn inside abandoned buildings you find typically within the Meadows, Black Forest, and Swamp biomes. Bees will guard the hive when you approach, so it’s best to take it down with a bow and arrow rather than melee weapons. Hives will always drop honey, but there is the additional chance of a Queen Bee drop as well, which will unlock a craftable beehive to begin farming your own honey.


Most of these ingredients cannot be consumed on their own. And most of the meat needs to be roasted on a spit into its cooked form before being used in a recipe.

  • Barley is harvested in the Plains biome. However, it is Barley Flour you will need for various recipes, so you’re going to need to craft a windmill in order to process the Barley.
  • Turnips can be cultivated in the Swamp biomes.
  • Raw Meat is the meat dropped from Deer or Boar kills.
  • Raw Fish evidently comes from fish. You might’ve assumed as much, but you’ll need to obtain a fishing pole first.
  • Neck Tail – From Neck lizards usually found around the coast
  • Raw Serpent Meat is a guaranteed drop from Sea Serpents. If you’re unlucky enough to have your ship besieged by one of these monsters, the rewards for slaying it makes up for your ill-fortune.
  • Raw Lox Meat is a guaranteed drop. Lox are found roaming the Plains biomes. They hit hard and are dangerous even to boats as they can attack while swimming. But they are nearly blind and hard of hearing, so you’re likely to gain the upper hand by sneaking up behind one. You don’t even need to crouch.
  • Thistle is found in the Black Forest and Swamp biomes. You’ll have an easier job of picking them out from the other shrubbery at night when their glowing tips are more distinguishable.
  • Entrails drop from slain Draugr. These beasts can be encountered in Crypts within the Swamp biomes (which can only be unlocked with the Swamp key obtained by defeating The Elder). Or you may find them in Draugr villages throughout the Meadows.
  • Blood Bags come from Leeches found in Swamp biomes.

1 Recipes

Combining ingredients into full-fledged meals is where the health benefits really start racking up. Now that you know where to find all of the ingredients, whipping up these eats should be a piece of cake- pun definitely intended.

Blood Pudding

Throw 2 bunches of Thistle, 2 Blood Bags, 4 sacks of Barley Flour into the cauldron to create this nutritious masterpiece.

As one of the healthiest meals in the game, a helping of Blood Pudding will boost your health by 90 and stamina by 50  for an entire forty minutes.

Lox Meat Pie

A Lox Meat Pie comprises 2 Cloudberries, 2 hunks of Cooked Lox Meat, 4 sacks of Barley Flour.

This hearty cauldron-cooked meal will provide 80 health and stamina for forty minutes.

Serpent Stew

Serpent Stew delivers the same health benefits of 80 health and stamina for forty minutes.

You can stir it up in a cauldron by throwing in 1 Mushroom, 1 hunk of Cooked Serpent Meat (which will cover in a minute), and 2 Honey.

Fish Wraps

These wraps are also made up using the cauldron and consist of 2 Cooked Fish, 4 sacks of Barley Flour.

Forty minutes of an additional 60 health and 90 stamina is what you’ll gain from mowing down on these fishy delights.

Cooked Lox Meat and Serpent Meat

These hunks of meat can be roasted on a spit just like other Raw Meat or Neck Tails. They both grant you 70 health and 40 stamina for roughly thirty-three minutes.


Dough is simple but costly to make, using 10 Barley Flour. Once baked into Bread, the benefits are half an hour of 40  health and 70 stamina.


Sausages consist of 1 hunk of Raw meat stuffed into 2 Draugr Entrails and spiced with 4 bunches of Thistle, then thrown into a cauldron.

Roughly twenty-seven minutes of 60 health and 40 stamina is the benefit of chowing down on these protein-packed morsels.

Turnip Stew

1 hunk of Raw Meat and 3 Turnips make up this stew for about twenty-seven minutes of 50 health and stamina.

Carrot Soup

This is a simple brew of 3 Carrots and 1 Mushroom, but it’s great for endurance, supporting you with 20 health and 60 stamina for 25 minutes.

Cooked Fish

Stab some fish onto a cooking spit just like all the other raw protein, and you can gain twenty minutes of 45 health and 25 stamina from the cooked fish alone.

Cooked Meat

Cooked Meat from a spit gives you 40 health and 30 stamina for twenty minutes.

Queen’s Jam

This is a simple concoction of 8 Raspberries and 8 Blueberries. It’s also well-balanced, giving you twenty minutes of 30 health and 40 stamina upon consumption.

Grilled Neck Tail

These lizard tails give you roughly seventeen minutes of 35 health and 20 stamina.

That wraps up really everything you need to know about cooking in Valheim. It’s possible more complex recipes or revolutionized cooking methods will begin to develop with later patches to the game. But for now, that is all there is to becoming a culinary master amongst Vikings.

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