Valheim: All Aggressive Creatures In The Black Forest And How To Deal With Them

Black Forest biomes are large forest-areas covered in big and beautiful pine and fir trees. These biomes share lands with the Meadows. An easy way to know when you’re moving from one biome to the other is that the Black Forests are a darker shade of green on the map.

Story-wise, this is the second biome players should be exploring. Here they’ll find much-needed resources like Copper and Tin, as well as The Elder (a tree-like creature who is considered the King-in-the-Wood and one of the boss fights you’ll have to face while playing Valheim. However, The Elder isn’t the only threat that lurks in this dense forest; in this biome, you’ll have to face quite a few aggressive creatures that will attack you once they lay eyes on you. Here is how you can deal with them.

Greydwarfs (The First Of Many)

These creatures are the grown-up version of the Greylings you encountered in The Meadows biome. Greydwarfs are native to the Black Forest, but once you’ve defeated The Elder, these tree-like creatures will spawn in other biomes, so keep an eye out for them while exploring.

Either way, once you spot a Greydwarf, it will have from 0 to 2 stars. The more stars it has, the more resistant it is and the more damage it can deal. For example:

  • 0-stars Greydwarfs have 40 health points and can deal 14 Slash damage as well as 10 Blunt damage. These ones are brown in color.
  • 1-star Greydwarfs have 80 health points and can deal 21 Slash damage as well as 15 Blunt damage. These ones are red in color.
  • 2-stars Greydwarfs have 120 health points and can deal 28 Slash damage as well as 20 Blunt damage. These ones are blue in color.

Once you’ve successfully killed one of these tree-like creatures, it can drop wood, resin, stone, a Greydwarf trophy, and a Greydwarf eye.

How to deal with Greydwarfs

  • They are very weak to fire and are afraid of this element. You can use this to your advantage by using a torch to keep Greydwarfs away from you so they can’t deal melee damage to you. However, they will still try to attack you using rocks.
  • Greydwarfs are resistant to poison and immune to spirit.
  • They have two types of attack you’ll have to look out for, Jaws (melee attack) and Throwing Stones (ranged attack).
  • They usually travel in groups, so there is probably another Greydwarf nearby if you see one. However, you can be lucky and encounter just one of them.
  • You can learn how to tame wolves and keep the animal on your side to aid you in encountering a Greydwarf in your journey.
  • Destroy any Greydwarf Nest you find in the Black Forest as these nests are the spawning point for Greywarf. Once it is destroyed, the amount of Greywarfs spawning in the area should decrease.

Greydwarf Brutes

Don’t be fooled by the cute and harmless dandelion that’s growing on these creature’s heads. Greydwarf Brutes are bigger, more powerful, and tougher than your normal Greydwarf. Like the other one, these types of Greydwarf will start to wonder in other biomes after you’ve defeated The Elder, so you better learn how to deal with them.

Greydwarfs Brute can spawn with three levels of rarity. For example:

  • A Greydwarf Brute with 0-stars can deal 30 Slash damage and have 150 health points.
  • A Greydwarf Brute with 1-star can deal 45 Slash damage and have 300 health points.
  • A Greydwarf Brute with 2-stars can deal 60 Slash damage and have 150 health points.

Once the creature is killed, it will drop wood, stone, a Greydwarf eye, a Greydwarf Brute trophy, dandelion, and ancient seed.

How to deal with a Greydwarf Brute

  • These guys aren’t afraid of fire, so using a torch won’t save you from receiving some damage.
  • A Greydwarf Brute is very weak to Fire damage, resistant to Poison damage, and immune to Spirit damage. So choose the weapon you’re going to use accordingly.
  • They only have one type of attack, Jaws, which is a melee attack.
  • Since they need to get close to you to deal any damage, use ranged weapons like the bow and arrow (just don’t choose a type of arrow that deals Poison damage since this creature is resistant to it.)

Greydwarf Shamans

Greydwarfs Shamans are the last evolution in the Greydwarf family tree (pun intended); these creatures look like older Greydwarf with deer-like antlers and glowing green eyes that set them apart from the other ones.

You’ll encounter three types of Greydwarfs Shaman in the game.

  • 0-stars Greydwarf Shamans have 60 health points and can deal 14 Slash damage and 25 Poison damage.
  • 1-star Greydwarf Shamans have 120 health points and can deal 21 Slash damage and 37.5Poison damage.
  • 2-stars Greydwarf Shamans have 180 health points and can deal 28 Slash damage and 50 Poison damage.

Once killed, they’ll have a chance of dropping the following loot: Greydwarf eye, Greydwarf Shaman trophy, resin, and wood.

How to deal with a Greydwarf Shaman

  • These creatures attack players using a Poison spray, so prepare yourself for some poison damage.
  • These guys can heal their nearby allies using healing pollen, so when you’re fighting a group of Greydwarfs, you should take out the Shaman first and then go after the other ones.
  • Don’t let them get too close to you as they also have a Jaws ability which is basically a melee attack.
  • They are very weak to Fire damage but are not scared of fire, so that torch tactic won’t work with Greydwarfs Shaman.
  • Greydwarfs Shamans are resistant to Poison damage and immune to Spirit damage.

Trolls (From All The Memes)

As you can expect, trolls are huge. It is so big that they can deal damage to the surrounding terrain and native flora, and any structure a player has made. There are three types of Troll tiers in the game; you’ll tell each tier apart since each one has different colors.

  • 0-stars Trolls are blue, have 600 health points, and deal 60 Blunt damage (when using Punch), 70 Blunt damage (when using Ground Slam), as well as 50 Blunt damage (when throwing stones).
  • 1-stars Trolls are green, have 1200 health points, and deal 90 Blunt damage (when using Punch), 105 Blunt damage (when using Ground Slam), as well as 75 Blunt damage (when throwing stones).
  • 2-stars Trolls are red, have 1800 health points, and deal 120 Blunt damage (when using Punch), 140 Blunt damage (when using Ground Slam), as well as 100 Blunt damage (when throwing stones).

Once killed, a Troll drops Coins, Troll hide, and a Troll trophy.

How to deal with a Troll

  • These guys are weak to Pierce damage, resistant to Blunt damage, and immune to Spirit damage. So attacking them with bows and arrows is a good strategy.
  • Look out for nearby trees as trolls can knock them out, and the tree can fall and harm you.
  • Since Troll’s attacks are kinda slow, you can dodge them using side-strafing and rolling.
  • This creature is so giant it can pass through narrow paths, use this to your advantage to put some terrain between your character and the Troll.
  • Go for the head. Headshots deal more damage and can even stun the creature.
  • If you have a high-level enough shield, such as the bronze one, consider parrying this creature’s attacks.
  • Work in groups. Fighting a creature such as this with other players will give you guys a huge advantage. One player can kit the creature while the other attacks it and vice versa.

Skeletons With Various Weapons

You’ll also encounter these creatures in the Swamps, as they are the ones guarding Burial Chambers as well as Ruined towers. Skeletons can spawn with different weapons in order to protect these places; you’ll encounter Skeletons holding a bow, a sword, a sword, and shield, or a sword and a bronze buckler.

While exploring the Black Forest, you’ll encounter three different types of Skeletons, those are:

  • 0-stars Skeleton: These have 40 health points and can deal 25 Slash damage as well as 20 Pierce damage.
  • 1-star Skeleton: These have 80 health points and can deal 37.5 Slash damage as well as 30 Pierce damage.
  • 2-stars Skeleton: These have 120 health points and can deal 50 Slash damage as well as 40 Pierce damage.

Once you’ve killed one of these, they’ll drop a Skeleton trophy and Bone fragments.

How to deal with a Skeleton

  • They can perform both melee and ranged attacks since they can spawn with bows or swords.
  • These guys are weak to Blunt and Fire damage (so consider using weapons like Stagbreaker, Bronze Mace, or a torch). They are also resistant to Pierce and Frost’s damage and immune to Poison damage.
  • They attack in small groups of 3 to 5.

Happy hunting and better building my friends!

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