Unique Animal Crossing New Horizons Decor Ideas Using Gyroids

With the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 update, every player had their favorite new feature to rave about. From visiting Brewster to cooking food recipes, there was something for everyone to enjoy. No one anticipated the hype that came with the update of gyroids being added into New Horizons.

Gyroids in Animal Crossing New Leaf were very different. At times they could feel stiff and even pretty creepy. Many players fell in love with the latest gyroids for their wide variety of fun designs and individual personalities. With the added option to customize them, there are so many possibilities with what you can do with the gyroids you find. Here's what they can be used for.

Keep The Gyroid Fragments

Most Animal Crossing players know that planting a gyroid fragment will grow a full gyroid after you take the time to water it. However, planting the fragments you find is completely optional.

After digging up a gyroid fragment, you can save it in your storage for later us. The gyroid fragments can be placed on a table, dresser, or anywhere outside your island like any other furniture item. They’re a bit creepy and add a unique accent to any home, considering they are the broken pieces of an actual gyroid.

Fill An Empty Room

If you’ve logged long hours into Animal Crossing New Horizons, you probably understand the struggle of running low on decorating ideas. Your villager’s home in New Horizons has six rooms to decorate, so the task can be daunting at times.

This Reddit user filled an entire room with gyroids they collected over time. The gyroids in New Horizons can be placed on a wall, and they will sit on a tiny shelf. This feature allows you plenty of room to fill an entire space with gyroids while still allowing you to walk around the room with ease.

Decorate Your Entrance

First impressions to visitors of your island are important. The island entrance is the first place any of your friends in New Horizons will see, and it’s great when you can impress them with the beauty of your island as soon as they get off the Dodo Airlines plane.

A post on Reddit shows how one Animal Crossing fan used the gyroids as entrance décor. Gyroids will beep, hum, and whistle when you stand by them and watch how they move. This is the perfect way to give visitors to your island an adorable greeting.

Add Accents To A Garden

Gyroids are a mysterious and fascinating item in New Horizons because they serve multiple purposes. They can be customized and placed as furniture, but they also are planted like other flowers or crops. Because gyroids are an item you can plant, they fit into a garden setting.

The customization of gyroids allows you to make them bright or pastel colors to match a color scheme in a flower garden. This Animal Crossing Youtuber placed gyroids in a garden with amazing effect. These gyroids can bring life to a still garden setting with their quirky movements.

Bring Brewster Into Your Home

Brewster the barista may seem cold at first, but once you get to know him, he values your friendship. After visiting The Roost coffee shop on several occasions, Brewster gives you rewards based upon how many coffees you buy from him. After 50 cups of coffee, Brewster rewards you with the Brewstoid.

The Brewstoid is a tiny version of Brewster that you can take with you anywhere you go. Of course, since Brewster works in a coffee shop, most players place the Brewstoid in a café, restaurant, or kitchen setting. The Brewstoid will spruce up any of these settings.

Form A Gyroid Band

Gyroids are like little pet creatures that can live in your home. They interact with you when you click on them, and every gyroid is different. One of the best features of gyroids is their singing and humming will match the tune of a K.K. Slider song of your choice if you play the music nearby them.

This Reddit user took the singing gyroid feature to the next level and made an entire band of gyroids. You can place gyroids next to instruments and give them a stage to perform. After putting multiple gyroids together in one space, they’ll sing together in harmony.

Plant A Gyroid Farm

To expand your gyroid collection in Animal Crossing, you will need to regularly plant gyroid fragments. Gyroids are fun to collect, but collecting them can also earn you Nook Miles through the mileage program. You will need enough space on your island to plant each fragment and leave it buried for one day before digging it up again.

This Tumblr user created a farm space to plant gyroids, and they created a pretty custom sign to label the designated area for gyroids. Keeping gyroids together on a farm makes digging them up quick and easy.

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