Uncharted 4: Where To Find All The Strange Relics

Nathan Drake has seen a lot of bizarre treasures throughout his adventures. In Uncharted 4, a handful of the game's collectibles are a bit more out-there than most. Nevertheless, if you're a completionist you'll want to track down all three of the Strange Relics and earn the Relic Hunter trophy.

Finding the Strange Pendant, Strange Relic, and Strange Fruit are simply a matter of knowing where to look. If you're having trouble finding them all while the bullets and fists aren't flying, never fear – this guide will lead you straight to the prize.

Strange Pendant

Bucket and Crosses Puzzle

At the beginning of Chapter 9, Nathan encounters a puzzle with interlocking wheels on the wall. Remove the skeleton from the switch on the left to begin the puzzle. Take the bucket from the alcove in the wall and hop down to the lake on the left side of the room to fill it up. Pass the bucket up to Sam and climb back to the main area.

Once the bucket of water is back on the alcove, you'll be able to rotate the wheels by interacting with the mechanisms along its base. Nathan's journal has a hint to how the wheels need to be configured – the bucket must be at the very top, illuminated by the spotlight there. The three lit sections below must contain crosses in the right order:

  • The largest cross, representing Christ, must be in the center.
  • The white cross, representing Saint Dismas, must be on the left.
  • The black cross, representing the impenitent Gestas, must be on the right.

Nathan and Sam's banter will remind you of the order, so it should be easy to remember. When you're sure the configuration is correct, pull the switch that the skeleton was near to open the door.

How To Find The Strange Pendant

  • Go through the door that opens next to the switch.
  • Turn left, moving slightly uphill rather than towards the gap on the right.
  • Take the first right, placing you on the far side of the gap you just bypassed.
  • Carefully climb down onto the ledge.
  • Use your grappling hook to swing across the chasm to the otherwise-inaccessible cave in the wall.
  • The Strange Pendant will be on the ground to your right when you land.
  • If you've played The Last of Us, you may recognize the symbol it bears…

Strange Relic

  • In Chapter 12, you'll be forced to slide down a muddy slope.
  • Immediately afterwards, look to your left and go through the narrow passageway there.
  • When you reach the cliff edge, climb onto the ledge to your left.
  • Work your way around to the cliff face and pull yourself up onto the platform there.
  • Around the corner will be a set of handholds leading up.
  • At the top of this climb, use your grappling hook on the overhanging tree to swing over the area you came from.
  • On the other side is a dried-out well. The Strange Relic is resting on its lip.
  • Similar Relics have appeared in previous Uncharted games, and they bear a striking resemblance to collectibles from the Jak & Daxter series…

Strange Fruit

  • In Chapter 21, Nathan will lower himself over a cliff with his grappling hook to reveal the pirate ship of Captain Henry Avery.
  • With the ship in view, look ahead and slightly to your right for a handhold.
  • Lower yourself to the end of your rope and swing to the handhold. If you miss, reload your checkpoint and try again.
  • You'll be able to pull yourself up into a narrow crawlspace. The exact spot you need to be in is small, so if Nathan won't climb up, adjust his position by moving left or right.
  • Inside the crawlspace you'll find the Strange Fruit to your right.
  • The fruit looks familiar… maybe if you use your Cortex the reference will hit you with a Crash.

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