Ultima’s Lord British Is Making An NFT Game

There are few MMOs with a name more legendary than Ultima, and few game designers with a name more legendary than “Lord British.” And now, Richard Garriott and Ultima producer Todd Porter are taking their names and MMO know-how into the metaverse.

DeHorizon, the game developer behind blockchain-based multiplayer RPG DeVerse, has just announced the founding of a new studio: DeMeta. Richard "Lord British" Garriott and Todd Porter will co-lead the studio and create a brand-new MMO built on the blockchain.

"In 1997 my team at Origin published the first true massively multiplayer online game," said Garriott in a statement. "Ultima Online created something new, and spawned a genre that has continued to evolve and grow for more than 25 years. We’re seeking to create that same magic to evolve and reinvigorate MMOs once again."

Garriott had little to say about the game other than it’ll be an MMO and that DeMeta has made "significant hires in recent months." DeHorizon is already made up of industry veterans from Riot, Dungeons & Dragons, and Blizzard, with teams working on creating both the dragon-riding arena game DeMythical and sci-fi battle royale shooter DeTournament. All of DeHorizon’s games are built on the Ethereum blockchain.

"Ultima has an enormous fanbase of 25+ million players," added Porter. "Our mission is to take MMOs to the next level, offering this huge fan base the opportunity to help build our next title, and to shape the next version of RPG the same way that Richard and I shaped those in the past."

DeMeta's founding comes at a strange time for the metaverse. Although companies are investing millions into NFT and crypto-backed games, few have found their audience and blockchain games that have experienced success are suffering from falling player counts. This comes after months of public outcry against NFTs that have led to falling sales volume and prices on NFT markets.

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