Triangle Strategy: Chapter 7, Part 1 – A Soul Upon The Scales Walkthrough

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  • Main Story: Whiteholm Castle
  • Side Story: Crown City
  • Side Story: Falkes Streets
  • Side Story: Telliore Streets
  • Side Story: Citadel Of The Sands
  • Main Story: Wolffort Streets
  • Main Story: Castle Wolffort
  • Voting Event: Castle Wolffort
  • How To Persuade People To Protect Roland
  • How To Persuade People To Surrender Roland
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Triangle Strategy gets more and more serious as the chapters pass, and this chapter is no exception. While this part of the chapter has no combat, you will be fighting within yourself when trying to decide what to do: should you protect Roland and face a powerful army, or surrender him to Aesfrost in favor of peace?

Naturally, there are pros and cons to both choices, and this is the biggest choice you'll have to make in this game so far. Here's how to go about it.

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Main Story: Whiteholm Castle

The Mean Twins arrive at the throne room to congratulate their Less Mean But Still Mean Brother, and a sniveling Patriatte makes an appearance. And after that… some Game of Thrones-style flavor events will unfold.

Side Story: Crown City

We join Patriatte as he ruminates on the recent invasion

Side Story: Falkes Streets

Landroi rues his inability to prevent the attack on the Crown City and what has happened to the king.

Side Story: Telliore Streets

Silvio weighs up his options and begins hatching a plan.

Side Story: Citadel Of The Sands

Minister Sorsley is given the news of Aesfrost's invasion by his most trusted retainer, Booker.

Main Story: Wolffort Streets

Serenoa and co. reach Wolffort Castle… and receive the bad news. And then some more bad news. And then yet another piece of bad news. It just isn't going well for our heroes, is it? It's a bad day to be a father/father figure in Norzelia.

Main Story: Castle Wolffort

With the news that Wolffort is about to be attacked, Serenoa is handed an ultimatum: hand over Prince Roland or be destroyed by General Avlora and her forces.

After much discussion, Serenoa gets asked a pretty important question.

Conviction Conversation: Benedict
I cannot render a decision here and now… There must be some solution…Liberty
As his vassal, I must fight to protect the prince. But as their lord, I must ensure my people's safety.Morality
We cannot hope to win against Aesfrost. But if we do nothing to stop them, many will lose their lives.Utility

Voting Event: Castle Wolffort

The second voting event of Triangle Strategy is a bit more serious than the first, huh? This choice will dictate the course of the game and will alter the events of many upcoming events.

It's worth stating right now that there are two outcomes to this vote:

  • Protect Roland and make a stand against General Avlora and Aesfrost.
  • Surrender Roland and hand him over to the Aesfrosti.

Before you attempt to sway people to your side, remember that this is also something of an exploration event. Chat to the Concierge manning the door and you can explore the Wolffort Streets to pick up crucial information and useful items.

Items, Notes, And Information

HP Recovery PelletMarket stall on the middle tier.
HP Recovery PelletInside the house on the middle tier, inside the bed.
Quality Iron x2In the house on the opposite end of the map to the castle, with a cat inside.
SilverOn a shield on the wall of a house on the middle tier.
HP RingInside the house up the stairs by the castle.
Luck RingMarket stall on the middle tier.
Marvels of Norzelia, Vol. 11Inside the house behind the soldier who gives you the Secret Weapon information.
The Dawnspear's SacrificeSpeak to the Wolffort Merchant on the bottom tier standing against the wall.
Wolffort's Secret WeaponSpeak to the Wolffort Soldier next to the shield on the top tier.
A Bounty on the PrinceSpeak to the Wolffort Townperson on the middle tier between the market stalls.

It's very important that you pick up the Silver here, as you can use it to upgrade a weapon's tier. Consider using this on Serenoa first, as he'll be used in every battle going forwards.

Conviction Conversations

Conviction Conversation: Wolffort Townperson (Woman Above The Stall)
I find myself in the unfortunate position of having thought peace would be everlasting…Liberty
I cannot allow the currents to carry me along. I must use them to my advantage and turn the tide of the battles to come.Utility
My father risked his life to bring honor to our house. I'll not be the one to tarnish his legacy.Morality
Conviction Conversation: Wolffort Townperson (Woman In Front Of A House)
Aesfrost's betrayal will not stand. They will answer for their atrocities.Morality
I share in your confusion, but Frederica knew nothing of this. Pray, do not blame her for Aesfrost's actions.Liberty
The kingdom has no true allies, nor true enemies. We shall sue for peace and work to avoid further conflict.Utility

Once you have all the items, especially the important Information pieces, you can begin the vote.

Participant Leanings
In favor of Protecting RolandFrederica, Hughette, Erador
In favor of Surrendering RolandRoland, Benedict, Geela

If you need an overview of how this walkthrough handles these voting events, check out the page for the Chapter Three event!

How To Persuade People To Protect Roland

If you want to protect Roland you'll need to convince at least one of Anna, Roland, Benedict, and Geela. The others are already all for protecting him.

Protecting Roland is a Morality decision… obviously. You'll have better luck protecting him with a high Morality score.

While Anna is listed as undecided, she will default to voting for surrendering Roland. You will need to convince her at the very least.

CharacterBest Responses
RolandRequires The Dawnspear's Sacrifice: Have you forgotten Ser Maxwell's dying words? Would you render his noble sacrifice for naught?
Pray, do not deny your beloved master his last request.
BenedictRequires Wollfort's Secret Weapon: Perhaps the battle is not as hopeless as one might think…
I have as much a duty to the royal family as I do to House Wolffort. Such is the lot of the lord of the high houses.
GeelaI will not bet the life of our prince – of my friend – on a mere supposition.
Surrendering Roland will show the people we lack courage. We'll not have an easy time of it if we lose their trust.
AnnaRequires The Might of Aesfrost: Aesfrost is vastly more powerful, and has greater numbers, but fortune also has a role to play.

How To Persuade People To Surrender Roland

You'll have to convince the other characters if you want to surrender Roland to Aesfrost, including Roland himself.

This choice is considered a Utility option, so players with high Utility scores will have better chances here.

CharacterBest Responses
FredericaDoing so would save countless lives. This is the only way to protect our own.
HughetteI cannot compel my people to march to their demise for one man, prince or not.
Requires A Bounty on the Prince: I see no other choice, Hughette.
EradorI cannot bear to watch the good people of the demesne die.
Requires Serenoa's Duty: This has nothing to do with any debt. I make this decision as lord of House Wolffort, and I take responsibility for its outcome.
AnnaThat I may not be able to protect my people from the fires of war I see on the horizon.
Roland will castigate himself for any harm that befalls the people.

The Vote

After persuading all you can, the vote will take place and your fate will be sealed.

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